Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Unpredictable Mix

This mixtape will be perfect for:

A. preparing yourself for anything
B. post-trauma
C. rest & relaxation
D. looking back on things
E. laughing at the past

Take THIS. May it serve you well.


This year's Magic City Art Connection festival truly kicked my ass.

First of all, there was the stress of not knowing if the forecasted weather would even allow any of us to have a festival ... by Thursday the weather genies were hinting that Friday and Sunday would be okay, but that Saturday would not only be 100% rain-soaked, we were to also expect insane thunderstorms, damaging winds, hail and tornadoes! Whoopee!!!

Well, the weekend started & Friday went off without a hitch ... I even did better than most Fridays past, probably because a lot of folks went ahead and came to the festival that day instead of Saturday, afraid of the wet weather ahead ... I was especially excited because Thursday when I was setting my tent up (Doug Baulos generously let me use his tent sides ... thanks Doug!), a photographer from the Birmingham News snapped my picture and it ended up getting in the paper Friday morning ... what's funny is that while I was busy setting up, he asked me where I'm from and I answered "Mobile" ... so in the piece it says "Paul Wilm of Mobile" making it sound like I still live there, even though I've now lived in Birmingham for nearly 12 years ... haha

Aaaaanywaaay, all excitement and happiness ended abruptly with the dawning of Saturday ...

Vero called me as I was having coffee at Bottletree that morning to tell me that Kevin Camp had been by Linn Park and needed to inform me that the roof of my tent was "totally full of water" and I should go by there as soon as possible ...

here we go!

I should have taken a photo of it, but at the time I was too panicky to even think ... Kevin was very correct ... from the inside of the tent, the roof looked like 2 enormous white tits, slowly dripping rain onto all of the paintings inside ... I wiped off the paintings (no real damage done!), quickly drove home and got a ladder and a bucket, drove back to the park and proceeded to bail out all of the water with the rain pouring down all around me ... Kevin arrived soon after with some long poles and metal clamps and we then made the tent roof more like a circus tent with a lot more slants, which remedied the problem ... 3 cheers for Kevin Camp!!!

So that was Saturday

Sunday was an entirely different monster ... a monster made of WIND

The night before I had a splendid time at Keith Goodwin's birthday party and awoke Sunday morning to happily discover rain-free blue cloudless skies above ... It seemed like the day was going to be smooth sailing all the way ... or so I thought ...

I can't really name the reason for this, but somehow where I was located in the park (basically between 2 trees) became something like a crazy wind tunnel that day ... Enormous and powerful gusts of wind would suddenly and unexpectedly blow through my tent and shockingly knock down the doors that I had set up to display all of my paintings ... I had everything tied down with twine, but apparently the string was no match with Nature's mighty gusts ... the display doors came crashing down, the paintings would topple all over eachother, then I'd have to pick everything up, rehang it and ... it would then happen all over again ... CRASH!!!

I have to say that I am truly grateful to my fellow artists who were in the neighboring tents around me and to all of my friends there who just happened to be visiting me when all of this insanity began ... They all rushed to my rescue and helped with picking up the fallen doors and paintings, bringing me bungee cords to help secure everything better and beer to calm my nerves!

After everything fell down the 2nd time, I hurriedly put the back wall of the tent back up (I normally display everything with all of the tent walls down) to try and block some of the blasts, but somehow that in itself strangely started causing the entire tent to lift up, like Dorothy's house when the tornado came ... It was actually frightening how strong these winds were! I started hardcore freaking out ... I felt like I couldn't take anymore ...

Amazingly, there was only ONE painting casualty:

So after the tent was lifted off the ground for the 2nd or 3rd time, I finally decided that the tent just needed to be taken down altogether ... I didn't know how I would display my paintings, or if the possibility of sales would be doomed, I just knew I couldn't take the falling and crashing another second ...

Here are some photos of how everything was set up before we took the tent down:

It was either Laura's or Nancy's or Lucy's idea, but someone suggested that I take the doors and lay them on their sides like little roofs and just present the paintings on them like that ... at that point, I was so stunned & traumatized by everything that I just half-consciously agreed ...

Here's some photos of the new spontaneous (and very tentless) set up:

To my overwhelming astonishment, it was at this point that my paintings started selling like hotcakes! Somehow people were far more intrigued by the new arrangement, perhaps because either it was so different from everyone else's display or maybe because they weren't intimidated by the idea of having to enter a tent and they could just walk around freely and view it all in the open air ... I have no idea, but it was totally a mixed blessing! A happy accident!

I started to view the whole experience like this: maybe the universe decided to test me, saying "Paul, let's see just how flexible you are ... let's see how you do with this challenge." Then the tent came down, and the new set up happened and the universe said "Paul, you handled that very well ... accept this award of increased sales!"

Speaking of awards, this was also the 1st year I've done Magic City Art Connection when I've actually won an award ... I won the "Al.com Award Of Merit" and a check for $100 ... Hell yes! :

All-in-all, it was one hell of a festival and needless to say, I'm so very glad that it's all over and I actually reaped many benefits from the experience ... oh yeah, Aimee Elizabeth Simonton created my artist statement (in the above photo) for me ... cheers, Aimee!!!


I feel a bit winded (!) now after explaining all of that, so I'll keep my video comments on the brief side ... Once again, there are a ton of em

The kids literally take over in this one by The Morning Benders:

I never in my life thought that Devendra Banhart would cut his hair this short ... He and A.A. Bondy could be twins now:

I absolutely love the repetition of this one by the xx:

This video by How To Dress Well is simply beautiful ... I especially dig the transitions and editing:

Uh oh ... I need to warn you about this next one by M.I.A. ... It is extremely violent, strange and utterly disturbing ... but VERY original, I must add:

Hahaha!!! Here's a new version of Hell: to be trapped in a windowless, doorless cell with nothing but this video for eternity:

If that wasn't bad enough, Maz sent me this "remix" of Hell via facebook ... ENJOY!!! muahahahahahahaha!!! :

Finally, we have a really laughably cheap classic by The Penetrators:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Busy Bee Mix

This mixtape will be perfect for:

A. getting everything on yer list checked off
B. running errands
C. pulling yer hair out happily
D. painting yer arms off
E. trying to meet deadlines

it's all right HERE!
so get busy!


So it's official ... I am sick to death of painting right now!!! I feel like passing out cuz I've been slaving a little over a month on 80 plus works for the Magic City Art Connection festival, which is this coming weekend, April 23rd - 25th at Linn Park here in Birmingham ... my tent will be number 137 and I'll be sort of near the fountain ...

On top of being worn out from overwork, I'm also a bit on the worried side concerning the festival because the weather genies are forecasting rain and thunderstorms all weekend ... ARGH! So I'm trying to mentally prepare for that and just hope and pray that folks will still turn up, despite the wetness and buy some art! *knock on wood*

In softball news, Bad News Bearons won again!!! This time we defeated the Sitel Blazers with a whopping 18-6 !!! Tonite we'll be playing the Church of the Highlands ... Who knows? Maybe our winning streak will hold up! Again, *knock on wood!*


Once again I have a whacky wagonload of videos to show you (if any of em are too big, just click the video itself and you can watch it full frame):

I really love how truly photographic this one by Future Islands is:

This next one is simply a Toontown acid trip:

I think the only words to describe this Efterklang one are ... beautiful nightmare:

I've never put a movie trailer on here before, but I've been waiting and waiting for this new Todd Solondz film to come out ... it's supposedly a sequel to both "Welcome To The Dollhouse" and "Happiness":

Pascal sent me this via Facebook and it totally takes me back to being 5 years old, sitting in front of the TV watching "Sesame Street":

Justin recently let me borrow his Registrators vinyl LPs (a great Japanese punk band from the late '90's) and I found this video for a song of theirs I've never heard ... apparently they went a bit New Wave later in their career:

And finally, here is a smashingly enjoyable new one from LCD Soundsystem, who have a new album called "This Is Happening" coming out soon ... enjoy:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Unremembered Dreams Mix

This mixtape will be perfect for:

A. contemplation of any sort
B. lying in awe on your bedroom floor
C. attempting to remember the details of an exciting & vivid dream
D. attempting to recall the plans of a long-forgotten lifelong dream
E. doing something shockingly different, thus breaking your daily routine

I thoroughly enjoyed compiling these songs ... BEHOLD!


First line of business ... the Bad News Bearons WON our 1st game of the 2010 season!

12 - 1 !!!

It was a night of epic proportions and I filmed most of it!

Below is the silly-looking sign I was asked to make at the last minute for our sponsors (I realize now that I jammed all the big names into the top section ... argh!):


In other news, predictably I've been sweating & slaving on 70 - 80 new works for the Magic City Art Connection festival ... witness my slow but sure progress:


This past Sunday was Nancy's birthday and she had a picnic / croquet party at Rushton Park, which was happily quaint & perfectly delicious ... happy birthday, Nancy!


Woah ... incredible video round-up ahead! Get ready!

This 1st one by Health is both so beautiful and so bloody!
Warning ... it really might induce nightmares:

I snagged this next one from the Deerhunter blog ... and I really REALLY wish I could see this installation in the flesh:

There are no words for this next video ... except maybe WOW:

This new Apples In Stereo video is ridiculous and it makes me laugh ... the song is terrific, too:

I stold this from Tiffany's facebook page ... I really dig the editing in it on top of liking the song itself ... Thanks, Tiffany!

Here's an oldie but goodie from Cibo Matto ... and it's quite simply amazing:

And finally, I found two oldish ones from The Hidden Cameras that I'd never seen before ... the 2nd of which I could watch for an eternity ... I wish there were more like it:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Outside Of Me Mix

This mixtape will be perfect for:

A. Driving around with the windows down
B. Riding or walking
C. Feeling unnecessarily emotional
D. Getting a ton of stuff done
E. Walking around to get things off yer mind

The gyst of this mix was made while I was "coming down" from a crush I had on a particular somebody ... and this was actually a couple of weeks ago, but it's only just now hittin' the interwebs cuz I decided to let March be an "all guest mix" month ...

So anyway, it was a good crush although it ended with the person telling me that I'm simply "not his type", which was fair and honest of him, even though it wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear ... haha ... So this particular mix contains a taste of that "blissful misery" that swells around in one's heart and stomach while the crush is actually happening, but it also has a bit of that tingly coming down sensation of relief from returning to one's "real self" while simultaneously and suddenly becoming very aware of everything and everyone outside of yourself again, seeing it all as if it's shiny brand new and feeling the invigorating pulse of Life in all it's glory; good & bad, dark & light, inside and outside ... just like the constant unconscious act of breathing ... phew! What a rant! haha

in the immortal words of The Smiths:

"I know it's over ... and it never really began ...
but in my heart, it was so real."

Anyway, HERE it is ...
and (all crushes aside) I think it's a pretty decent mix.
so there!


Here's some exciting news that I received this past week ... a while back, I was commissioned to paint a portrait of Alabama author, Albert Murray ... well, my good friend Danny Gamble recently informed me that it was decided that the portrait will now be presented to the executive director of the Alabama State Council on the Arts, Al Head ... it turns out that Albert Murray is his favorite author!

Here's the portrait:

Here's the news in Danny's own words:

Just got the official word--The Alabama Writers' Forum will present to Al Head PC Wilm's Albert Murray portrait in recognition of his 25th anniversary as executive director of the Ala State Council on the Arts.
So...not only will your work be hanging in the bathroom of Bottle Tree, but also in the home of the State's top arts administrator.


And now ... (drum roll) ... it's the Bad News Bearons Show! I have a slew of BNB related videos photos cuz we not only had our kick-off party last Saturday, but our 1st game of the 2010 season is TONITE at George Ward Park, Field 3 at 7:30pm !!! Come out if ya like softball!!!

At our last practice, Eileen took a photo of this ... I drew it in the sand ... it's Hitler visiting us on Easter Sunday ... haha

Next up is the hot fresh BNB promo I made for 2010 ... btw, all of these videos are gonna end up too big to fit on this blog (argh!) so please click HERE you can see em full-size:

Here's two (HUGE) videos Eileen took with her phone of silliness at the kick-off party FULL PICTURE VERSION:

me & Kristen being robots (FULL PICTURE, YO):

And here's a bunch of random photos from the party ... we sold almost ALL of those Bearons T-shirts!

Rebecca & Wes having a deeeep conversation:

softball talk:

BNB tattoo!

the ultimate party game: pin the shocker on the ass!!!


As previously reported, I'm a very busy bee working on all of my Magic City Art Connection paintings ... thankfully I got these 3 commissions out of the way, so I'm just a tiny bit less panicky than before!


Soooo, in video news the other night I suddenly got this Suede song in my head, so I looked up the video and it's really incredible (and sexy!) ... It's right HERE cuz the party poopers at MTV wouldn't allow video-embedding ... you also have to suffer through a commercial in order to get to the good stuff ... sorry! it's worth it!

[note: for the following videos, again you'll wanna click the video to open up a new page to see it full frame]

Speaking of parties, this next video is perfectly insane and I totally dig it (especially when the old lady breaks out the flute!!!) :

I remember this song from Charlie Smith's awesome Mix It Up mix ... I dunno if I'd ever wanna meet these people, but I'm sure John Waters would!

Justin C. turned me onto this cool Australian band ... I'm both repulsed and amused by their masks ... I also can't believe how long the ending is:

This video almost seems like an answer to the Art Clokey video from last time:

Here is a great playful B&W one by New Jersey's psychedelic Ducktails ... I could watch this one on a loop I like it so much:

Last of all, I just had to include this one (thanks, Lucy!!!) cuz it makes me laugh & laugh: