Tuesday, August 31, 2010

J.'s Your Future, Now! Mix

This mixtape was created for you by the unstoppable (dig that cover!!!) Mr. J. Whitson who you may know or have heard of because of the godsend-of-an-Alabama-TV-show that he and his brother Matt have blessed us all with, We Have Signal ... and if you haven't yet seen any of the episodes, then you'd better GET WITH IT!

Each show is beautifully filmed at Bottletree Cafe and showcases a different amazing band, be it national or local ... such as Deerhunter, Beach House, Dexateens, Melt Banana, Camera Obscura, Teen Getaway, Black Lips, Jeff The Brotherhood and Dan Deacon, just to name a few ... You can also watch the shows via vimeo.com HERE. DO IT!!!

Here's J. himself to say a little something about the mix:

"Well, this is the new shit mix - which I will now dub Your Future, Today! - of complete randomness that still somehow all manages to work really well together. Quiet for the first 3/4's or so and then loud enough to keep you awake, culminating in what may be Harvey Milk's best song ever."

Yessir! And what a grand mix it is, too ... Perfect for any occasion, really ... If this'un won't wake you up, nothing will!

So get ready for yer future ... it's right HERE ... NOW!!!


First up, I'm excited to say that the opening reception for my fellow artist Daisy Winfrey and I's "I'll Be Your Mirror" painting show,(where we imitate eachother's paintings!) will be THIS Friday, September 3rd at Bottletree Cafe at 6pm ... come on out if ya can!

take a look at the flyer:

Also, in home front news, here's the latest addition to my "Let it grow" experiment:

Also, try to come out to the Bad News Bearons' doubleheader game tonite at George Ward Park! The season's almost over, damn it!


But more importantly, I'd like to share with you these photos from when I went to see Ryan for his birthday ...

Here's Lord Ryan himself:

Mmmmm ... presents!

Ryan meets Ryan!

Happy birthday to you!

The next day we had a nice railroad track adventure ... I took a ton of photos that are down below at the end of this blog ...

Ryan underneath the trestle bridge:

Yours truly underneath the trestle bridge:

Later Ryan made friends with two baby frogs!

Afterwards we had a very entertaining thriftstore adventure ...

The two faces of Ryan:

Or should I say three?


Later that week, my grrreat friend Lucy who was visiting from California dropped by ...

She and Peter had quite a falafel overdose at Makarios!


In other Ryan news, he recently joined the amazing band, Three Happenin Guys and they played at Bottletree this past Friday ...

And here they are:

This was quite an event, because not only was it Ryan's 1st time playing with that band, it was also his 1st time playing live EVER! And he passed with flying colors!!!

Here's Three Happenin Guys that nite performing Gucci Mane's "Lemonade":


HEY everybody!!!
It's video time again!!!

First off, you HAVE GOT to experience (and mean EXPERIENCE!!!) this new Arcade Fire video for "We Used To Wait" ... it's absolutely incredible ... it made me cry, even! I'm not kidding!

A new one from Male Bonding! And it'll make you squirm and itch! Yes!

This new Wavves video makes me laugh:

When I listen to Candy Claws (whom I love dearly), I never really think about what the band looks like ... so this open-air live thingy was quite revealing:

Wow ... I really dig this new Baths one:

Esben & The Witch ... this really gets ugly ... literally:

Another really funny one ... This time it's Underworld making you laugh:

And now ...dessert!!!

This time we have 2 tasty delights from from the man of the hour, Ryan ... thanks!!!

I can't believe this thing is real ... and yet ... IT IS! Hilarious!

This final one is by Ryan's favorite artist, the one and only Ryan Trecartin ... There's a TON more (full-length) videos on his site ... This stuff is truly whacked-out! I also love how original and bizarrely entertaining it is ... again, thanks Ryan(s!) ...


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sleepyhead Mix

This mixtape was created specifically for my very favorite sleepyhead ... the one & only Mr. Ryan Hora.

you can delve into it right HERE.

First and foremost, I'd like to wish a very happy and wonderful birthday to RYAN ... my amazing and brilliantly talented man!!! Yesterday was his big day and today I'm driving down to Montgomery to bring him his cake and presents so we can celebrate in style!!!

I picked out a few special videos out just for him ...


and one more "video gift" for my Ryan ... a brand new animated Bjork treat!!!


as you can see below, my hair continues to slowly grow:


In softball news, Bad News Bearons WON both games in our Fall Kick-Off Doubleheader!!! Hurrah!!!

say cheese, Bearons!

And we have 3 newbloods on the team, too!
Nicole, Sunni & Lance:


In homefront news, I've spent the week working on

A. some shelf-type commissions for Mr. Brian Teasley:


B. a slew of paintings for the upcoming ArtWalk ... I work on everything at the same type and here you can see that I've spent this week adding the images:

Every time I go into the art room to work, my beautiful cat, Charley always sooner or later joins me to "help" ... haha ... See how diligently she's keeping that pile of collage stuff warm!


In Ryan news, I made a trip last Wednesday to go visit him in Montgomery and it was quite an experience ... I'd never been to his place before and I sort of felt like a tourist the whole time! haha ...

Speaking of beautiful cats, here's Ryan's own Nico, looking very radiant indeed:

We went on many an adventure, taking pictures and stuff ... this one particular abandoned apartment complex was a gold mine ... a ton of the photos way down at the bottom (at the end of this blog) are from this place:


big money!

priceless art!

While adventuring, we chanced upon this cool newish thriftstore that actually had clothes for 25 cents! Across the street from it we discovered a backyard chock-full of cats ... Ryan counted them and there were 13 (that we could see) ... witness:

so I'm ultra-excited about going back to Ryan's (today, in fact!) ... expect more Montgomery (and birthday celebration) photos next week!!!


Hey! It's video time again!

First up we have an awesomely colorul new one from !!! :

Carrie Brownstein (of Sleater Kinney) guest stars in this one by The Thermals:

And they keep getting weider! of Montreal prove this point rather nicely:

And further inland on the same island (or so it seems) we have this creepy one from A Lull:

Tiffany posted this on facebook (thanks, Tiffany!!!) and I'm a big fan of not only the concept, but the superb editing ... it's Dev! :

Elise sent me these two diamonds and I could prolly watch them for eternity! haha ... (the 2nd one is pretty hilarious!) ... cheers, Elise!!!

And now ... some dessert!

This is so funny, I think I've watched it like 20 times and laughed just as hard each time:

Shelly Jacobs posted this on facebook via Matthew Layne ... I don't know if this is an actual term, but I like calling it "creative activism" and there should be more of it going on these days! Here, here! :