Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dreamtime Mix

This mixtape was made specially for one of my favorite people in the whole world, Elise McClellan Lenard, who feels more like a sister to me than a friend, really ... You may recall that Elise made an amazingly colorful Summer mix back in 2009 ... She's also sent me many a beautiful, funny and eye-popping video that ended up on this very blog (cheers!) ...

So as a sort of Autumn-time gift, I wanted to make her something to relax to and forget all of her day-to-day worries ... something to turn all of her stress into sparkling gold comets streaking across a velvety night sky where moonlike balloons bounce against each other, letting out silvery laughter every time they collide ...

It's also a good mix to help one fall asleep ... I know cuz I've tested it out ... twice! haha ...

I think it's probably also a good mix to work to because nearly all of the songs on it are instrumental and fairly ambient ...

It's RIGHT HERE for yer downloading pleasure ... sweet dreams! ENJOY!!!

Now here's a few videos for Elise's (and YOUR!) amusement =






In music news, THIS FRIDAY NIGHT you should come out to the Midnight Sushi event at Bottletree! Not only will my band, Nowhere Squares and Ferocious Bubbles be playing, but there will be lots of sushi and sake for all as well ... a guaranteed good time!

Also, starting that SAME DAY (Friday, Dec. 3rd), and lasting til Sunday, there will be the big Holiday Craft Bazaar ... tons of local artists will be participating so you'll have a zillion different unique and fairly inexpensive Christmas gift buying opportunities!

Friday December 3, 2010
Saturday December 4, 2010
Sunday December 5, 2010

Friday 5pm to 9pm
Saturday 10am to 4pm
Sunday 11am to 4pm

The Holiday Craft Bazaar takes place in Downtown Avondale on 41st Street South, Bottletree & in businesses in Forest Park.

*Standard Creative (41st Street): 2 artists
*The Brown & Green Building (41st Street): 2 artists
*Beloved Community Church (41st Street): 13 artists
*The Lake Building (41st Street): 13 artists
*Bottletree Cafe (3rd Ave): 10 artists
*Silvertron Cafe (Forest Park): 2 artists
*Naked Art (Forest Park): 60 artists and 1 featured each day
*Zoe's (Forest Park): 2 artists

I've been working and working on all the stuff I'll have on display at the event ... Here are a few photos of some bazaar works-in-progress =


In homestead news, I had an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving with my man RYAN and his family in Montgomery, the 1st I've ever experienced with them ... and what a great experience it was! His mom even made me some tasty vegan dishes and some delicious stewed apples for dessert! I am ever so grateful that it went so well ...

The next day (Black Friday) was another story ... it was rainy and the tires on my truck had little to no traction, so Ryan and I skidded full-force into a curb and popped my front left tire =

It also messed my alignment up and bent the frame ... ugh ...It really could have been worse, and for that I'm thankful ... but it was a pretty crappy day having to deal with it etc ... I'm so glad Ryan was with me to cheer me and lift my spirits...

I'm also thankful for Justin finding a good place to repair it and to Pascal for commissioning me a painting of his sweet dog, Fred which paid for it! Oh where would I be without my friends?!



Speaking of Justin, he posted this one lately (thanks!) saying: "Sonics rule and maybe the glass case at our house will be done by the xmas party?" haha =

This gruesome emergency room one by Here We Go Magic goes out to Ryan, since he got the cast taken off his arm yesterday (congrats!) =

And Brian Teasley recently posted this greater-than-great video (thanky!) saying:

"This is some fairly amazing animation from this 1958 Disney short, 'Magic Highway'. Retro futurism at it's best" =

A new one by Caribou =

Tantra recently posted this piece of awesomeness (cheers!!!) by the late great noise-master John Cage =

This new one from Memoryhouse is simply beautiful =

And this strange 'un by Active Child is like a children's book turned flesh ... wow =

I got inspired by Tantra and found this rather incredible short film by Marcel Duchamp with music by John Cage ... again, WOW =

Fascinating animation starring The Depreciation Guild =

Weirdness in the woods starring the Icelandic songstress Olof Arnalds =

And for dessert ...

Erin James provided us (thanks!) with a very seasonal "Slayer Lightorama" ... yes! =

My brother Peter provided us with some classic hilarity by the Marx Brothers (thanky!) =

Caroline Sallee posted this rather awesome short film that she directed onto Ryan's facebook page after he asked "Anyone see any good movies lately?" ... Cheers, Caroline!!! =

And to come full-circle, Elise posted these 2 bizarrely hilarious tidbits!!! Thanks, Elise!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jamie's Poopyheadface Mix

This mixtape was created for you by the very sweet and lovely Miss Jamie Lynne Naugher ... It's quite a wonderful mix, too ... great for any occassion = driving or riding or walking around, getting stuff done or maybe even just doing some spontaneous dancing, be it with others or in the privacy of yer own bedroom! It's just chock-full of good vibes and happy surprises ... and we can all use more of those!

I asked Jamie about the conception of such a mix and she had this to tell us:

"I made this mix for my friend Katie. She is an old soul and has a wicked sense of humor. I chose songs that I knew she would love and appreciate. Lots of my favorites from this past year are on here."

Yes! I love not only sharing mixes on here, but being allowed to experience mixes that other folks have made for eachother ...

So here it is ... drumroll,please! I now present to you, the one and only Poopyheadface Mix!!!


While we're still thinking of Jamie and her amazing playlist, I wanna go ahead and get to these excellent videos she sent along ... She even commented on a couple ... Thanks, Jamie!!!

"This is one of my fave songs"

"Andy has been working on this piece. It is so very magical"


So last week was Peter & I's birthday week ...

Here's the pile of presents that we eventually tore into =

Peter treated me to a delicious meal at Makario's and later I took him to see the new Harry Potter flick ...

We had fun playing with the pita bread =

Later that night we had a big backyard birthday fire =

One of Peter's gifts to me was this awesome solar-powered owl that I put in a tree near where I park my truck (thanks,brother!) =

When darkness falls, it's eyes turn on and glow like this =

All-in-all, it was a terrific birthday ... thanks to everyone who gave Peter & I presents and facebook well-wishes! We feel very warm and loved!!!


This week, amongst other things, I also finished the new Open/Closed sign for Bottletree ... cuz the old one was stolen (!?!) ... Drop by there sometime and check it out when ya get a chance! They just celebrated their 4th anniversary! They were recently also named "one of the 1o greatest music venues of the 21st century" ... Here here!

This weekend I was privileged enough to visit my man RYAN in Montgomery again, but before that happened, my band Nowhere Squares played a show at Magic City Wholesale with Tennessee's Natural Child and a lot of great local bands ...

Eat My Shorts were up 1st and were rockin as ever ... a few weeks back I did a video forthem for their song "Shirley" =

Broken Letters were next and I had to i had to miss them cuz I forgot my keyboard stand and drove home to retrieve it ... but I heard they were great ...

Natural Child were right before us and they were pure kick-ass! I so dug their set! Yee haw! =


And now may I present one million and one videos for yer viewing pleasure!!!

A new Ariel Pink one directed by Wayne Coyne =

Ryan turned me on (thanks!) to this rather bizarre one by Former Ghosts =

Ryan also sent me this little piece of heaven directed by Harmony Korine (love it!) =

And I dedicate these next two to Ryan:

A. A newish and entertaining one by Foals =

B. "The Suburbs" by Arcade Fire =

Did I ever mention just how amazing the one man band Gull is? Well he is! =

Here's 3 by Ratatat ... and they all 3 make me laugh! =




Some crazy tracer action by Shit Robot =

Peter turned me onto La Roux and her ginormous hairdo =

A tripped-out airplane ride with Games =

Les Savy Fav's latest =

Some mental ass shit by Tobacco =

Tom Bonner recently posted this nugget by The Unicorns (thanks,Tom!) =

Some good wholesome trippiness from Twin Sister =

And we have 4 delightfully different dessert options for you this week =

A. Andy Stewart sent this to Jamie (thanks!) and it's pretty hilarious! =

B. Eva Yancey posted this on facebook (thanky!) ... frankly, this dancing is some honest-to-God human cartoon stuff! absolutely amazing!!! =

C. Chris McCauley recently sent this one to Ryan (cheers!) =

D. And finally, Peter sent me this via Maz (double thanks!!!) ... funny and nightmare-inducing all at the same time! Wowzers! =