Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thrift Store Vinyl Radio program 2 (jazz)

Welcome to program 2 of Psychic Tuesday's own monthly radio show, "Thrift Store Vinyl Radio" ... At the start of this year, I decided that I should really stop ignoring my potential "under-bed diamonds" and instead celebrate their existence by making a radio show on the last Tuesday of each month with the sole intention of delving into all that magically unexplored vinyl!

So this past week I was sick as a dog with some sort of wonderful head cold ... you can kind of hear it in my voice on the show ... haha ... Aside from that, it was fun to make because I decided that each show show have a theme (even if sometime "random" ends up as the "theme"!) ...

The theme for this month's show is Jazz ... so if you absolutely 100% can't stand jazz, don't bother listening to this one ... cuz it's chock-full of saxophones, trumpets, pianos, basses and drums!

So, with no further ado ... may I present to you =

Hey! This time around, if you choose to download the show, it contains 2 extra songs! Wow!

You can do so RIGHT HERE.

What's more is I picked out a few videos by several of the featured musicians on today's show ... ENJOY!

Cannonball Adderly =

Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges =

Milt Jackson =

Sarah Vaughan =

Ahmad Jamal Trio =

Chico Hamilton =


One bit of random news ... you should definitely give David, Hayley and Katie's
Mashed Potato Radio a listen ... You'll be glad and happy that you did!


In art news, as always I've been working on various and sundry commissions =


Hey! Get ready! Cuz V I D E O S ... ARE ... UP ... NEXT !!!

1st up, Roy Burns sent me this great stop-animation 60 second version of David Lynch's "Eraserhead" in clay ... cheers, Roy! =

This next one is for Ryan cuz it's his favorite song from the album =

A bit of animated beauty from Sanso-Xtro =

And here's a new on from Porcelain Raft =

It's dessert time ... already? Well, YES!

Ryan recently posted this hilariously mental Tim & Eric clip (thanks!) =

Speaking of Ryan, he wants you to also dig these rather amazing 8 year old hip hop dancers =

Sarah Harrell posted this 'un (gracias!) ... belive it or not, a fork-using cat! =

Matt Goodin posted this video (thanky!) of a Grammys reporter who apparently had a "complicated migraine" and Ryan & I can't stop quoting it ... haha

"Well a very very heavy, ah heavy du virtation tonite. We had a very derse dereson by. Let's go ahead, terrace chasing the schglovette to have the pet." =

{Ridiculously, HERE is the poor lady being interviewed about her "words to live by" }

and last but not least, Jonathan Purvis posted two delicious gold nuggets (danke!) =



Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jess Marie's Old Spotted Blue cassette side A

This mixtape was created many moons ago by one of my greatest friends, Miss Jess Marie Walker ... She is not only a talented artist, she's also a very wonderful teacher and mother ... Jess also co-owns (with Patrick & Tanya Mayton) the Stranded Art Co-op in Montevallo, AL ...

This is truly a one-of-a-kind compilation, ripped from a genuine audio cassette ... One thing that I really appreciate about it is how very Southern the majority of it is, which is perfect for the warm weather we're about to experience here in Alabama this coming week!

And even though Jess Marie made this tape for me quite some time ago (it really reminds me of when I used to live in Montevallo), I've found myself digging it out every couple months or so to give it another listen while I'm painting or writing or just plain old goin about my business! I find it somehow extremely playable ... thanks, Jess!

I'm only posting Side A this time so anyone listening can fully take all 45 minutes of it in without losing any momentum ... haha

Here's the track list =

And here is Side A =

And if'n ya wanna download it ... you can surely do so RIGHT HERE.


OK, 1st things 1st ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Psychic Tuesday!

As of today, this blog is officially TWO whole years old! Crazy, huh?!
Last year I celebrated the 1st birthday by making a 2 part "recap" mix, but this year I'm celebrating with something a little different ...

May I present to you ... Psychic Tuesday, the "solo music project"! haha

Ta-da! I've been working on this for actually quite some time, but now it is finally ready to unveil! The 1st thing I'm releasing (on End Up Records) is a single called "Burst Apart" from an EP I did called "Eternal Ice Cream" that's coming out Tuesday, March 22nd (the start of Spring!) ...

You can see all the details and listen to it RIGHT HERE! Hope ya like it!

Here's photographer Jonathan Purvis' 1st edit of the song's music video =


In art news, the Shelby County Reporter did a rather nice article about Jesse Cunningham and I's current art exhibit at Montevallo's Parnell Memorial Library ... (the show will stay up til March 11th, so if yer in the area, swing by and have a look!) ...

dig it =


In random, unrelated news, I'm still pretty infatuated with the enticing sounds of the Ghost Box Music record label, so after checking their blog recently I discovered that they have Programme 2 of their very entertaining Radio Belbury show up ... enjoy! =

Also, Elise sent me a link to something beautiful and inspiring ... Irina Werning's "Back To The Future" photography project. WOW ... Thanks, Elise!


Ready for a slew of videos?

I wanna dedicate these 3 really great new ones by P.J. Harvey to my brother Peter, simply because he loves her so much (These were all directed by the amazing photographer Seamus Murphy) =




Here's a new one from Small Black =

And speaking of black, dig this one by Blouse called "Into Black" =

I really dig the ambient sounds of Tim Hecker ... this video's great cuz it's like a moving version of the cover to his new album, "Ravedeath 1972" =

A new one from Gary Wilson ... weird & whacky as ever =

Elise sent me this 'un for Valentine's day ... Thanks!!! =

And coincidentally, Hayley Grimes posted this on facebook the same week! pretty psychic, huh?! =

Now for a smidgen 0f dessert ...

I love this ... Ryan posted it (cheers!) and it just rules! =

Weston posted this Playmobil stop motion Joy Division tidbit (gracias!) =

And I stole this little piece of awesomeness from the Deerhunter blog =

Ryan & I couldn't stop watching this "Sunny D & Rum" video that Dustin Timbrook posted this past week (danke!) ... the 2nd one (remix) is the really good one =



And finally, Bob English sent me this funny ass Apocalypse Meow" video ... thanks, Bob!!! =

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weston's Voyage Fin Soundtrack

This soundtrack was created by the very talented Mr. Weston Flippo, a man of impeccable music taste and one of Ryan's best friends ... Weston is the singer of the band Japanese Women, who just released an amazing tape called "Order" ... The Narrow Mind blog gave it a very favorable review recently and you can READ IT HERE ...

Now about Weston's soundtrack ... Epic is the only word I can use to describe it ... the "movie" is a space movie and its soundtrack truly reflects that ... it is sonically vast, spanning across two entire playlists ... When Weston 1st sent me the music, he had the following to say about it :

"this is the soundtrack i made to a movie that exists in my head. the movie is like 2001 if it was directed by John Carpenter. lots of robots, nudity, empty space, alien rituals and Egyptian influenced (not Stargate) aliens. it came to me one morning when my adderall made me feel really weird the day after my grandmother died this past Sunday. i hope you like it."

I initially was going to edit it after discovering just how gargantuan (over 2 hours!) this thing is, but after giving it a thorough listen (or two), I realized that it'd be sort of like cheating the listener (and the creator) ...

Weston also sent me the "plot", which I've included in the Mixcloud description which you'll see once you click Play ... Thanks, Weston for all the epicness!!!

And now, here is "side one" of the sprawling "Voyage Fin" soundtrack =

phillip glass- mishima
manuel de sica- the first she
moondog- oo solo (2/4)
haruomi hosono- firefly (ホタル)
gatekeeper- chains
hans elder- out of the body
Games(Игры)- Metamorphosis (Метаморфозы)
richard maxfield- 13 piano sonata #2
Klaus Schulze- ebene
emeralds- goes by
robert cobert- dracula's music box
eula cooper- i cant help if i love you


And if you'd like to download it, you can do so right HERE ...

Ready for part 2? Again, the plot description will appear once you click Play ...

Voyage Fin side 2 =

dead can dance- the protagonist
burzum- hans som reiste
fabio frizzi- zombi 2 theme
henry mancini- wait until dark
sun araw- the phynx
gavin bryars- the sinking of the titanic
richard maxfield- fermentation
paul kelday- doomsday machine
boris- farewell
zola jesus- clay bodies
sibylle baier- forgett


Again, if you totally dug it, you can download it HERE!


1st of all, let me say happy happy birthday to both Jess Marie and Walker, who both had birthdays this past week!!!

I painted this for Jess ... It's a portrait of her dad =

And Jess had these very kind words to say about it :

"after walking in my house with this painting, Paul Cordes Wilm said 2011 is going to be good year for the Dog (Chinese zodiac). so far he is spot on. Paul is perfectly precise and incredibly mindful, a true influential blessing. it is absolutely pure delight to be in the same pack with him!!!


some may think that is Walker but actually, it is my dad when he was around 18 years old. amazing, huh? my dad really loved Paul. as far as I know, he is the only artist he ever bought original art from. his spirit will be proud to have a portrait of his living self done by him :}) "


Here's a few photos from the fun-filled weekend =

Thrifting with Ryan and co. =

Tantra came to town and Dr. Peter gave her a nice checkup =



This brand new one by Bibio is for Ryan, since he turned me on to them =

Speaking of Ryan, he recently posted this 'un by Theophilus London =

And here's two by How To Dress Well =



A great new one by Big Troubles =

A totally trippy one from Woodsman =

HEY! Cheer up! Its dessert time!

This ridiculous video by Philip Manley really cracks me up! =

Chris Stewart posted this pretty hilarious Ukrain AC/DC cover band video (thanks!) =

And David Swatzell posted maybe the weirdest wrestling video I've yet to see (cheers!) =

Tom Bonner made this brilliantly bizarre "burp remix" (gracias!) =

And last but not least, The Black Lips recently posted this insane little treasure on their facebook page recently =