Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thrift Store Vinyl Radio program 3 (children's records)

Once again, it's the last Tuesday of the month, so once again, we will be exploring the usually-ignored thrift store-purchased records hiding under my bed!

The 1st radio program was more of a random affair, but by the 2nd program I started working the shows around a theme (jazz being last month's) ...

This time I thought we'd delve into all the thrift store children's records I have ... Many of them are really old 45's, all richly scratchy and archaic, but a few were actually recorded within the last 10-15 years (The Coctails, Twink) so it turned out to be a pretty well rounded and interesting venture ...

I now present to you Thrift Store Vinyl Radio program 3 ... the Children's Record edition ... ENJOY!!!

Wanna download it? Well you can do so RIGHT HERE.


Stacy Jacobson Speas recently sent me this link on facebook and it's chock-full of some funny, bizarre and well, "not right" Olan-Mills style portraiture ... the page is called "Not Right Portrait Studio" ... Take a gander at it HERE ... Thanks for the laughs, Stacy!


In a bit of art news, I've not only been working on my upcoming Nashville show, but also I finished a good deal of pieces for Route Of Art Gallery in Florence, AL ... Here's a few of those paintings =

And here's a photo of Jaime Weaver, owner of Route of Art =

And here's some of my work sharing a wall with many other Route of Art artists =


We seem to be having a "Blackberry Winter" right now, since the weather is chilly, but this past Friday, Ryan and I enjoyed the splendid warmth by perusing the full-bloomness of Birmingham Botanical Gardens ...

I took a ton of flowery, watery photos that day ... You can witness these by scrolling down to the bottom (after the videos) ...


Speaking of videos ... why, they're UP NEXT!

So the ever-amazing Tom Waits was recently inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame ... Here's a video of Neil Young inducting him, followed by Tom performing some of his songs =

Some amazing and bizarre stuff by Canco De L'alba =

Do you like Frog Eyes? Just say YES =

Antonio posted this whacky colorful 80's classic by John Baptiste Mondino ... cheers! =

And speaking of colorful ... wow ... I so dig this new one by tUnE-YarDs ... this song is definitely going on this year's "How To Listen To Now" mix! =

Michael Mcfarland posted (danke!) this rather sad (but marvelous) "robot short" starring Max Records (of "Where The Wild Things Are" fame) =

We don't have much of a dessert this week, but what we got is fairly enjoyable ...

The Black Lips had this entertaining safety video posted on their blog =

And lastly, we find Mr. Rogers learning to break dance, of all things ... haha =

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rabbit Mix

This mixtape could be perfect for =

A. Celebrating the fact that Spring has arrived
B. Dressing up as a rabbit and startling complete strangers
C. Eating baby carrots all day long
D. Picking flowers and stuffing them in your back pocket
E. All of the above

Ah, the lovely Vernal Equinox ... it's here! Winter is dead again! Not that I absolutely hate Winter or anything, I'm just a bigger fan of Autumn & Spring I guess ... I can throw open my windows and tromp around in shorts and ride bikes and ... oh yeah! Softball practice has begun as well! My team, the Bad News Bearons are back on the field, throwing and running and catching ...

Anyway ... so here's the airy, breezy and occasionally strangely disturbing (Spring fever!) "Rabbit Mix" ... ENJOY!!!!!!!

(You can DOWNLOAD the "Rabbit Mix" HERE)


As a happy vernal surprise, I have another splendid mix to showcase ... Beth Ragland has made a "Springtime 2011 " mix ...

She writes :

"As the web editor of the Birmingham magazine web site I listen to a lot of music while I work. I love to make playlists. Here is one of my most current ones. Please enjoy a mix of great tunes featuring either brand-spankin’ new singles or pretty current tracks from some of my new favorite albums. This is a great one to roll down the windows and crank up in the car. Enjoy this beautiful Spring weather with my “bad muffin” Springtime Mix."

Thanks a ton, Beth!

Track List:

1. Toro Y Moi – “New Beat”
2. Peter Bjorn and John – “Second Chance”
3. Cut Copy – “Where I’m Going”
4. Smith Westerns – “Weekend”
5. Of Montreal – “Coquet Coquette”
6. Destroyer – “Savage Night at the Opera”
7. Radiohead – “Morning Mr. Magpie”
8. PJ Harvey – “The Words That Maketh Murder”
9. Wye Oak – “The Alter”
10. Frankie Rose And The Outs – “Must Be Nice”
11. Tennis – “Seafarer”
12. TV On The Radio – “Will Do”
13. The Black Keys – “Ohio”
14. Adele – “Rolling In the Deep”
15. Fitz & The Tantrums – “MoneyGrabber”
16. The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger & Mark Ronson – “Jardin du Luxembourg”
17. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – “40 Day Dream”
18. The Stepkids – “Legend In My Own Mind”


In personal music news, I'm very happy to announce that this past Saturday night my band, Nowhere Squares (with fellow B'ham local bands, Nightmare Waterfall and Giant Magic ) raised $879 for Jonny Browning to help him with his medical expenses (he nearly died from pneumonia recently) ... thanks to everyone who came out to the benefit show!

I'm also very excited and happy to announce that the 1st ever Psychic Tuesday EP was released TODAY on End Up Records!!! You can download it FREE (for the rest of this month) RIGHT HERE!!!


In other exciting musical news, I recently checked the Ghost Box label site and found that they've done another excellent radio program ... I'm such a big fan of these radio shows, and this particular program is pretty exceptional ... Enjoy!


In lunar news, this past Saturday in the night sky there was a marvelous "once in a lifetime" phenomenon called the "Super Moon",which was quite splendid to behold ... Here's a video I found of the Super Moon slowly floating across the heavens =


In art news, I've been working on a April & May show that'll for the Jackson's Bar & Bistro in Nashville, Tennessee ... Here's some of my works-in-progress =

Also, THIS THURSDAY, March 24th is the opening for my fellow artist, Justin Wayne Butts and I 's art show at Parkside Cafe here in Birmingham ... It starts at 8pm so try to come out!


........... V ........... I ........... D ........... E ........... O ........... S ...........

1st things first ... If yer a fan of Harmony Korine or Die Antwoord or both, you gotta see "Unshini Wam", a Korine directed short film starring the band ... it's uniquely bizarre and even sometimes beautiful ... Check it out HERE.

Since this was the Rabbit Mix week, I thought I'd post this psychedelic nugget from Jefferson Airplane =

And speaking of rabbits, here's the ingenious video for UNKLE (feat, Thom Yorke)'s "Rabbit In Your Headlights" =

Pascal sent me this obscure Disney and Dali collaboration and it's quite marvelous ... thanks, Pascal! =

Seth Persons posted this insane tidbit from Adya & Geisha (It's gotta Yello sample in it, too!) ... cheers! =

Speaking of Yello(w), here's a pretty one from Yellowbirds =

David Brown posted this nice bit of funk & sweat from Garland Jeffreys ... gracias! =

Lotsa fog and such in this Toro Y Moi video =

Here's another video from PJ Harvey's epic "Let England Shake" LP =

And now ... dessert!

Before we get to the good stuff, I thought I'd torture you a little with these truly AWFUL videos by some ambitious teen (and in some cases preteen) robots ... Ryan made me aware of this record label called Ark Music Factory, which is chock-full of auto-tuned perpetually smiling pop-rock plastic girl-clones ... yikes!

1st up is something called Rebecca Black (supposedly an 8th grader) ... And the way she sings the word "Friiiidaaayyyy" is truly nightmarish to behold =

Apparently I'm not the only hater ... I found a page where she responds to all the negative reactions to "Friday" ... You can see her response HERE.

I'm sorry to do this to you, but here are 2 more videos from Ark Music Factory "artists" just in case you're itching to see more highly polished, over-produced grade A girlie teen poop! haha =

Speaking of POOP, Caroline McClean recently posted (thanks!)this horrible (and sad) video of kid beauty queen, "Little Eden" ... the parents of these poor kids should be shot =

Brian Teasley posted the next video (cheers!) saying :

"Why don't they just rename facebook
'www.nothingbutpeople indiscriminatelyrepostingsomeb

Oh man, speaking of which, Waffelos commercial!
Soggy, tiny, waffles made of high fructose corn syrup in a bowl of milk?
Sign me up now!!! " haha =

And speaking of Brians, Ryan's roomate, Brian Rich posted this utterly ridiculous video ... I can't stop laughing at it's absurdity ... danke! =

And finally, Chris Stewart sent me this odd, yet very happy & dancey lil clip ... And the jellyfish add a nice touch, somehow ... thanks, Chris! =

Once again, aside from the very 1st photo, my wonderful twin brother Peter took all of the following photographs, which I think are remarkable and gorgeous ... thank you, brother!