Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thrift Store Vinyl Radio program 4 (percussion)

Once again, it's the last Tuesday of the month ... and you know what that means!

It's time to plow through my under-the-bed thrift store records!

This month I decided to concentrate on the stack of percussion records I have ... I hadn't realized it, but I have quite a collection of these kind of records ... Apparently they were all the rage back in the late 50's / early 60's cuz tons of them were made, each with a slightly different theme ... and nearly all of them have gate fold covers that go on and on about the exciting new concept of STEREO ... haha ...

I've always been a big fan of the cover art for these type of albums, which are easily identifiable because they're all so very similar ...

here are a few to give you an idea =

While looking for images of these album covers online, I also happened to chance upon an actual percussion records blog ...

Charley seems to really enjoy the type of music as well ... haha ... I think it must calm her down or something!

Aaaanyway, with no further delay ... Here it is : Program 4 ... the thrilling percussion edition of Thrift Store Vinyl Radio ... ENJOY!!!

Download it HERE if you so desire.


So it will finally be upon us soon ... MAGIC CITY ART CONNECTION ... Whoopee!!! If you come out to Linn Park in Birmingham this weekend, I'll be tent 234 ... sort of between the Corks & Chefs tent and the fountain ... Come out and enjoy some art!

Here is a peek at some of the stuff I've been slaving on for it (look! lunchboxes! haha) =

And speaking of art, the ACME building art opening went splendidly ... tons of folks were there and it was ton of fun ... Here's a photo of me with fellow artist Doug Baulos and his friend Sonya =

You can look at more photos of folks at the event are right HERE.


In "music news", Nowhere Squares journeyed all the way to Jackson, Mississippi to play a really fun gig with our friends, The Overnight Lows (and Los Buddies) at a place called Sneaky Beans ...

Here's Daphne & Marsh having coffee in the front yard the next morning =

And here's video of us performing "Feeling In The Dark" that night ... yay! =


Time for a TON TON TON of VIDEOS

Hey!!! The brand new Julian Lynch album, "Terra" is out today! I'm such a fan of his music ... I wish wish wish he'd play at Bottletree soon! This isn't a video, but you can sample how wonderful the album is below =

Once again, this rules! This time, Wavves were on the "Pitchfork 3-D" show and it is quite amazing! Get some 3-D and WATCH!!!

Ryan sent me this incredible Crystal Castles fan video ... I dig it lots =

I decided to post this classic Talking Heads video, simply because it made a huge impression on me =

Another great one from Ryan (thanks!!!!) ... Here's Madeleine Peyroux's beautiful rendition of Elliott Smith's "Between The Bars" =

Ah! Some new John Maus! Weeeee! =

Here's a pretty funny Cloud Nothings video I chanced upon recently =

Jacob Vernon posted this one (cheers!) about an amazing thumb piano player =

More Ryan-sent brilliance ... This one is by the eccentric CGI witch, Wendy =

My god ... I'm a huge Kate Bush fan, but I don't really know what to make of this one! What's funny is that last week I posted that video of Noel Fielding imitating Kate Bush and he actually makes a cameo at the end of this one! Wow! uncanny! haha =

And now, a whole lot of dessert ...

Let's start with some extremely tripped-out Easter stuff by Wendy =

Sarah Harell posted this hilarious Serenading Unicorn video starring Sarah Silverman (danke!) =

Then, Ryan posted 2 more Serenading Unicorn funnies =

Christy Daniel Camp (whose amazing art will also be at Magic City Art Connection!) recently this brief but funny bit starring the Wonder Twins ... thanky! =

And last not not least ... Yikes! This Facial Flex infomercial (sent by Ryan ... gracias!) KILLS ME! ... what is wrong with this woman?! haha =

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pineapple Upside-Down Mix

This mixtape will be perfect for:

A. goofing off
B. being spontaneous
C. having breakfast for dinner
D. changing your daily routine
E. surprising yourself

This past week I found myself getting pretty stressed out (mainly because the Magic City Art Connection festival is looming ahead : April 29th - 31st and I've been painting, painting, PAINTING, getting ready for that), so I decided to just sort of screw around with this week's mix and sort of treat it like a great big mixing bowl, randomly throwing all kinds of whimsical and carefree into the "batter" ... It ended up being rather therapeutic and I'm pretty happy with the resulting unpredictable and sorta whacky "Pineapple Upside-Down" mix ...

And here it is, for all your destressing, taking-a-break pleasure!


Did ya like it?
Well you can download it right HERE.


Ever been to the ACME building in Northside, Birmingham?

Well there's a new art space opening up there THIS FRIDAY, April 22nd and I'm part of a group show that night, curated by my friend (and fellow Bearon), photographer Wes Frazer ... Come out and support! Here's a list of all the artists included =

ashley vaske
daisy winfrey
merrilee challis
pat snow
kara hall
paul cordes wilm
wes frazer
tasha mccrory
byron sonnier
jonathan purvis
john lytle wilson
caroline sokol
amy pleasant
hayley grimes
bonard hughins
scotty lee


And the next day, me & Ryan will also be participating in this =

So COME OUT and sift though our ultra cheap junk! haha

And that NIGHT, Saturday April 23, my band Nowhere Squares will be performing with the ever-amazing Overnight Lows and Los Buddies at Sneaky Beans in Jackson, MS ... If yer in the area, hang out with us and get yerself ROCKED!

And TONITE, my softball team, the Bad News Bearons will be playin at George Ward Park, Field 3 at 6:30PM ...

Come see us in our hot fresh new jerseys, created by my friend and fellow artist Jacob Middlebrooks =

Speaking of Bearon's, my fellow team mate, Lisa has a rathe awesome blog for her amazing quilts ... Check it out HERE!


****************Get ready for a ton of videos****************

1st of all, THIS just rules ... I highly recommend you find some 3D glasses ... YES!

2nd of all,I dedicate this great Kurt Vile number to the one & only RYAN =

3rdly, I love this Twin Shadow video =

4. El Guincho brilliance =

No. 5 : A long, tall video from Mane Mane =

6. Laura introduced me to The Vacant Lots (thanks!) and they are quite rad =

SEVEN : Jonathan Purvis posted this great bit (gracias) about an incredible cat house =

8. Eric McGinty posted (danke) this and I find it amazing and yet somehow disturbing =

Number 9 ... A whole slew of "Sunset Television" episodes, just because ....=

HEY! It's time to enjoy some dessert!

Elise sent me this stomach-turning bit of bizarreness ... thanks! =

UGH! Ryan sent me this ... as if it could get any worse!!! haha =

Ryan also sent me this delicious clip ... maybe one day he'll get me one of these ... along with a hunting knife! =

Brian Rich posted this classic catastrophe of a video ... cheers! =

Yikes! Kick out the jams, mother fucker? =

And finally, Greg Lowry sent me this great video of "The Mighty Boosh" comedian Noel Fielding imitating the following Kate Bush video ... thanks, Greg! =

A. Kate

B. Noel

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

{ Wordless Mix }

{cover art photo by Peter Wilm}








{Ryan sent ... thanks}




{PJ Harvey}

{Daytime Television}

{Julianna Barwick}

{Greatest Hits doing Harry Nilsson}

{Candy Claws}


{Elise sent, asking "Can you teach me to dance like this?" ... gracias}

{Antonio posted ... danke}

{Kelly Family}

{photos below by Peter Wilm}