Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thrift Store Vinyl Radio program 6 (random 45's pt. 1)

Once again, it's time to sift through all of my under-the-bed vinyl, largely purchased from one thrift store or another ... This time around I decided to give the huge random stack of 45" singles some attention ... The key word is RANDOM ... I truly just stuck my hand in the stack and pulled out the 1st record I grabbed to then stick it on the turntable! The result is pretty interesting ... though I must confess that once or twice I couldn't stand the musical results and had to rip the needle off the record! haha ...

AAAnywaaaay, as always I had a lot of fun making the program ... broadcasting now from Ryan and I's new pad, which is a 50's/60's era house we started renting ... it's quite a nice change from the tiny apartment I was living in 2 weeks ago!

So, here it is folks ... Thrift Store Vinyl Radio program 6 ... random 45's part one ...


If you want, you can download the show RIGHT HERE.


Speaking of radio, I was looking at the Ghost Box Records blog and discovered that "Belbury Radio Program 5" is now available for listening ... This is my favorite of their programs too, so far ... I really dig the variety ... And I hope you will, too =


On a sad note, the great actor Peter Falk died this past Friday at the age of 83. He starred in one of my favorite movies of all time, "Wings Of Desire". If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest it! R.I.P. , Colombo.


On a slightly more upbeat and inspiring note, I found some photos of some truly awesome and very playful street art recently on tumblr ... enjoy it HERE.


Hey, look! It's Ryan and I's new place!

Hey! It's the back of our new place!

Hey! It's Faust ... the hungry outside cat who's trying to adopt us!

Hey! I get to hang laundry in the backyard again!

Hey! (Most importantly) Charley approves of the new house!


it is now VVVVVVIIIDDDEEEEEOOOOOOO TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1st up, here is a electrically spacey video from the one and only John Maus (who will be performing at Bottletree July 7th!!!) =

I finally found the video for this incredible Julian lynch song ... The wonderful album it comes from ("Terra") will inevitably & always remind me of this particular period of my Life ... I think it is one of 2011's best so far! =

Wow. This animated one is from Ryan and it's called simply, "Ham" =

This 'un is also from Ryan and it's a sparkly new Radiohead song in a live setting =

Haha! This one is from Laura and it's an 80's electronic music documentary clip with a funny Trent Reznor cameo in it! Cheers! =

Yes!!! Dirty Beaches has a split 12" record out with Ela Orleans ... sample some of the sounds here =

And here is a video for one of the Dirty Beaches' tunes =

Here is a video for one of the songs by Ela Orleans ... Laura Ledbetter burned me her 1st album "High Moon Low Sun" and it is absolutely astounding! =

Hey ... Since I'm on an Ela Orleans kick, here's a video for her song "Walking Man" =

A slightly educational one from Fucked Up =

Psychedelic backdrop goodness brought to you by Gang Gang Dance =

I found this on the Altered Zones site recently ... it read :

' Nest "Smoke Signals"
a new analog video/improvised sound art piece with visuals by Revereza and sound by n e s t-- a collaboration between yuk. and Barefoot Shrubs. ' =

Here is a pretty amazing "Paranoid Android" (Radiohead song ... duh) youtube mix =

Mmmmmm .... how 'bout some desssssert????

Look! A dancing eggplant monster from Chris Stewart ... thanky! =

Woah! Elise sent this video of a mental metal violinist playing Depeche Mode in a subway! muchos gracias! =

Elise also sent me this lovely bit of bicycle horn polka madness ... cheers! =

Aaron Hamilton posted this next one (danke!), saying :

"If you can listen to these women without punching yourself in the face, I applaud you. There is a difference between a theory and a scientific theory. I think its upsetting that these women will probably have a successful life/career just because they are pretty." =

And finally, Angel Vuong posted this piece of happiness that of montreal & Mangaroo Alliance did for the Yo Gabba Gabba show ... thanks, Angel! =

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Charlie Smith's Mix It Up ^ vol. 5 Summer Jamz Mix

HAPPY 1st day of Summer!!!

This superbly seasonal mix was created for you by the incomparable Miss Charlene Smith, aka Charlie Girl ... and she says:

"This mix is about having a crush on someone and all of the excitement and butterflies that come along with it. Summer time is about sun, fun and friends. I think anyone will find it hard to listen to this mix and not experience the following feelings:

• toe-tapping
• high school crushes
• elation
• booty shaking
• hip swaying

This mix is also appropriate for the following settings:

• dancing alone in your room
• porch time (which may or may not include a hammock and a mojito)
• grillin' & chilln' -poolside edition
• summer drives with the windows down and radio up"

Awesomeness! You may recall Charlie's excellent Mix It Up ^ vol. 1 mixtape from waaaaay back in Jan. 2010 ... Well, here she is again with the perfect playlist for celebrating the season of the sun ...

What's more is that Charlie now has her own musical production company, Factory Touring and is going on tour starting TODAY w/ the amazing Nobunny (my band Nowhere Squares are opening up for him July 14th at the Bottletree!!!!!!)

Here's Charlie again to further explain her exciting new Life :

"Music is a very huge part of my life. It attaches itself to so many memories and is capable of creating so many new ones. On this Psychic Tuesday, I'm embarking on another journey across the country where I will briefly see many cities, lots of dirty rock clubs and plenty of road kill. I still hesitate when stating my current profession because it's kind insane to think of it as work. I make a (meager) living traveling the country and dancing with groups of sweaty strangers every night. I don't know how long it will last, but even once it ends I know I will always have the summer soundtracks to remind me of these times and find comfort knowing that these are days that I will never forget."

Here here!!!

And now my I proudly present Charlie Smith's Mix It Up ^ vol. 5 Summer Jamz Mix ...


Thanks, Charlie!
Good luck on the tour!

You can download the wholesome summery goodness RIGHT HERE.


Check out this rather hilarious link posted by Chis Toro (cheers!) called DOs and DONTs.


This week I started Arts Camp, working with a ton of wild and crazy little kids at the Birmingham Museum Art ... Witness the photographic evidence =


and now ...


1st up, Charlie Smith posted 4 great ones, stating :

"And now for some fun videos!"

1. Tandoori Knights - Bucketful (touring this fall!) =

2. Harry Nilsson - Let the good times roll =

3. Familjen - Det snurrar i min skalle =

4. Snoop Dog- Sensual Seduction =

Lance Hayes recently posted this classic by My Bloody Valentine ... thanks! =

This one by Is Tropical (dig that band name! haha) is amazing, but violent as Hell =

This one is for Ryan cuz he loves this song! =

David Faust posted this obscure Korean oldie by the Kim Sisters (gracias!) =

Here's some pure 1966 emotion from John's Children =

Harmony Korine would prolly love the disturbing old people in this Felix Cartal clip =

Belle and Sebastian show off their new occupations in this new one =

And now, a wee spot of dessert for you ...

Ryan sent this funny bit of kitteny silliness =

Ryan also sent me this rather bizarro one ... God help me if this ever happens to me ... haha =

Yikes! Emily Salinas posted this embarrassing karaoke treasure ... danke! =

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Transition Mix

I'll flat out admit it: I am not very good with transitions ... I wish I could just snap my fingers and have everything changed and be instantly accustomed to it ... but Life doesn't run that way, now does it?! haha ...

Believe it or not, 2 weeks after living in this apartment on Southside, I'm ALREADY MOVING again!!!!! Ryan and I decided that it made more sense to not only move in together (!!!) but that a cheap house instead of an apartment would make more sense because then I'd have more room to paint, which I'm already starting to miss ... (it's been only a month and a 1/2 since I've made art, which I thought would be a nice break, but now that I don't have a place to paint even if I wanted to, I REALLY miss it!!!) Plus, we'd have a washing machine and a rather nice jungle of a backyard to enjoy ... So ... Hurrah!

I knew this apartment I'm in now would be temporary, but not THIS temporary! Wow. These are craaazzzy times ... And I start working with kiddies again at the Birmingham Museum of Art's Art Camp this week, too ... When it rains, it pours!

So once again, all of my stuff is between 2 places (most of it at the new place) and I'm living out of boxes and sleeping on a mattress in the middle of an empty living room ... I was doing this roughly just 3 weeks ago ... There's not only a strange post-apocalyptic feeling to it all, but also some dejavu thown into the mix ... haha

Well, here it is folks ... the "Transition Mix" for yer chaotic pleasure and entertainment ... It starts out sort of solid. but gets crazier and ends up happily spinning out of control ... quite a wild ride ... almost like moving 2 times in a row!

Did you enjoy yourself? Well if so, you can download the mix right HERE


Here's a bit of photographic evidence of all this movingness =

Charley thinks I'm insane =


On a sad note, the great and marvelous Southern writer and teller of many a grand ghost story, Kathryn Tucker Windham (of Selma, Alabama) passed away this past Sunday at the age of 93. She will, without a doubt live on and on in her many wonderful books. R.I.P.


Get ready cuz this week I have a TON of VIDEOS to show ya!!!

Ryan sent this splendid b&w one by Dirty Beaches to me =

And here's a lovely one by The Caretake ... and an owl stars in it! =

Brand new Panda Bear goodness!!! =

I really dig this 'un by Coma Cinema =

This Cass McCombs video makes me wanna take a road trip =

A beautiful live performance by the Australian Guerre =

Thulebasen =


Dining madness with Ford & Lopatin =

I know I've posted this John Maus one before, but I so love this song (and album!) =

Chris Stewart rencently posted this bit of wonderfulness (thanks!!!) =

Time for some smile/laughter inducing dessert!

1st up ... This is funny but scary: the original Ronald McDonald =

Ryan sent me this bizarro locally shot "Interplanetary" trailer =

Joshua Shoemaker posted this (cheers!) saying : "She should've called sears herself!" haha =

And Weston Flippo posted Oingo Boingo on "The Gong Show" (danke!) =

Haha ... Ryan sent me this ridiculous Rebecca Black shite! =

My nephew, Jesse Rodgers posted this crazy Russian forklift fail (gracias!) =

Ryan sent me this too ... a 9 year old boy dancing to "Vogue" ... yes! =

And finally, Elise sent me this insaaaaane online dating nugget ... wow! ha ha (Thanky, E!) =