Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thrift Store Vinyl Radio program 8 (midnight beats)

It's the last Tuesday of the month, which can only mean that it's once again time for a new episode of "Thrift Store Vinyl Radio"!

Originally, this month's program was going to feature selections from the many "spoken word" records I have, but after Ryan and I watched the marvelously mysterious French film, Les Diaboliques (the red eyes in the photos down below comes from the DVD insert!), I found myself afterwards putting on a lot of scratchy albums full of music that makes me wanna hop in my car really late at night and just drive around the city aimlessly with the windows rolled down ... Thus the title "Midnight Beats" ...

Most of this music comes from the 1950's and 60's and makes me feel like I'm in some sort of creepy old black and white detective movie or something ... haha ... It definitely has both a lonely and a bit of an exciting feel to it, like anything can happen in the dead of night ...

I didn't talk inbewteen the songs this time because I simply felt like I'd be upsetting the hypnotic mood and feel of this particular show ...

So here it is ... You might wanna wait until darkness descends in order to experience the desired full impact of this one ... haha ENJOY!

You can download the "midnight beats"cshow RIGHT HERE.


Hey! Speaking of radio, Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel not only just released a pretty incedible new NMH website, but there's also a reeaaally cool and eclectic Mangum-curated radio show on it! You can have a listen right HERE!


As previously reported, I am slaving away at a billion and one paintings for the upcoming Birmingham Art Walk ... Here is further evidence of my slow-but-sure progress =



Ryan and I saw this recently, and it is both ingenious and mind-warping ... A must-see! Presenting David O Reilly's 'The External World" =

Here ye! Here ye! Tom Waits is coming out with a NEW ALBUM in October! YES! Below, you can partake in his "private listening party" =

This may very well be the 1st song on 2011's "How To Listen To Now" mix ... I can't wait to hear the full album (called "Portamento") when it comes out in September! The Drums! =

It took me a while to find these 3 videos by this band from the 80's called the Mighty Lemon Drops ... I think they were great =




My friend Veronica T. and I were discussing E.S.P. the other night and she turned me onto this awesome show ("Through the Wormhole") ... Thanks Veronica! =

DESSERT TIME is now upon us ...

Elise sent me this funny tidbit saying :"MUST DANCE" ... Cheers, E! =

Ryan sent me this next one that really looks like it could be culled from "Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" ... Get your praise on, y'all!!! =

Speaking of praise, Matthew Goodin posted this nice, wholesome church fail! Haha!!! Gracias! =

Last of all we have a spectacular performance by the one and only u8a22 ... You may remember her as the writer and singer of the smash youtube hit, "Sunny D & Rum" ...
In case you find yourself carving more, her channel is right HERE.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

RY4N Mix

This mixtape was created for my wonderfully terrific man, Mr. Ryan Hora because today just happens to be his birthday ...


It's funny remembering Ryan's birthday one year ago... He still lived in Montgomery, so I had to travel down the highway with his cake and presents ...

So much has changed now ... for the better, too! Nowadays, Ryan lives under the same roof as me ... Later today, I can ice his cake, add the candles, light em and just walk down the hall to celebrate with him! Hurrah!!!

And here's one of his gifts ... a mix from me to him ...

Many happy returns, sleepyhead!!!


Here is a short video of Ryan doing a bit of exploring by his good friend, Antonio Urdiales =

Sadly, Antonio passed away this week ... He was an extremely gifted musician and artist ...
HERE is a memorial to a very talented young man taken away from us far too soon. R.I.P.


Below is photographic evidence of the fact that for weeks now I've been slowly getting all of my pieces for the Birmingham Art Walk (Sept. 9th and 10th) together ... HERE is my artist profile =

Charley enjoys helping me by laying on top of the collage stuff =

This year I'll have postcards ...

and T shirts! ...


VIDEOS abound!!! Yippeeeeeee!!!

The Australian Tame Impala were on Jimmy Fallon recently ... yes! =

Keith Goodwin posted this delightful Pink Floyd nugget, circa 1968 ... thanks! =

Here is a crazy Busdriver cover of an old Animal Collective tune =

This classic Massive Attack (with Elizabeth Fraser singing) video never ceases to freak me out ... in a good way ... haha =

Pharoahs? YES! =

A nice one by TOBACCO from Elise ("for halloween!") ... cheers, E!!! =

{dessert] = mmm mmm GOOD (and funny) ...

Chris Stewart posted this 1st one ... gracias! =

And Daniel Moreno posted this ridiculous next one ... danke! =

Alley Bulka posted this (thank you!) terrifyingly weird vintage telethon clip ... I personally think it's at it's weirdest at 2:31 ... You be the judge! =

From the birthday boy himself (Ryan, of course!) "Friday" (Rebecca Black) in ... um ... Chinese =

From my good friend, John Wendel ... "Orel Moral" (thanky!) ... Jesus Christ, this is wrong! =

Speaking of good friends, Pascal sent me (merci!) this marvelous bit of Cookie Monster/Tom Waits goodness =

Craig Stroud (another good friend!) posted this bizarre bit of animated London rioters madness ... thanks! =

And last of all, here's a ingeniusly "songified" version of the bizarre "I Love Cats" I posted on here many a moon ago ... Wow =