Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Peaking Lights' WEIRD UP 2012 Mix

Last week we focused on the amazing band, Peaking Lights and this week we have a mixtape that was created by Peaking Lights! It's called the "WEIRD UP 2012 " mix and it's brought to you by Self-Titled Magazine (thanks!).

I not only love being turned on to bands and sounds I've never heard before, but I love the fact that you can hear some of Peaking Lights' musical influences when you listen to this ... a very pleasurable and educational experience indeed ...

Here it is, for your immense pleasure!

You can view the track list and download the mix HERE.


Well, this is the last Tuesday of the month, and I WAS going to create a new episode of the "Cassette Commotion" program, but I was so insanely swamped with getting my painting exhibit ready that I simply had no time ... But, as a consolation prize, below is the "mystery tape" I made for the 1st ever Psychic Tuesday entry ... ENJOY!


Speaking of radio programs, hey look! Radio Belbury has a brand new (and very excellent) one!
Check it! =


Now hear this! The opening reception for my upcoming painting exhibit at Artfolk gallery is THIS COMING FRIDAY, March 2nd! 5:30 - 10pm ... Food and drink, 60 + paintings and 2 video installations! Come out and say hello!

HERE is the facebook invite
and below is the poster =


Time for some VIDEOS ...

Ryan, who now delivers for Grow Alabama, sent me the trailer to this awesome film ... thanks, R! =

He also posted this incredible 3 hour documentary on electronic music pioneers, Kraftwerk ... Yes!!! Cheers! =

Some entertainingly spooky newness from Islands =

Beautiful nostalgia, care of Beirut =

Ryan also sent me this surprisingly marvelous collaboration between Flaming Lips and Yoko Ono ... nice ... gracias! =

And Roy Burns posted this 1984 live studio version of New Order's "Tempatation" saying : "Timeless music ... ephemeral fashion" ... too true! Danke! =

Dessert has arrived ...

Yikes! haha ... Ryan posted Mister Rogers donning a "demon clown mask" ... Merci, R! =

Woah! This new Odd Future clip is over-the-top bizarre and hilarious! =

And finally, an extremely surreal clip by visual artist, Larry Carlson ... nightmares, anyone? haha =

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Focal Point : Peaking Lights

This month we're focusing on the serenely transcendent sounds of (my current favorite band) Peaking Lights. I believe I first encountered Peaking Lights when I was listening to a Julian Lynch "station" on last.fm ... Ever since then I've been totally hooked ...

What I love so much about this group's music is that it seems to stray and drift outside of typical song structure boundaries ... In their own organically electronic way, each song feels like a hypnotic and sprawling journey that seems to be quite endless ...

Speaking of endless, Peaking Lights' songs are reeeaallly long! It's one of the many things I really appreciate about them ... It's like they're making music on their own terms and by their own unique rules ... I'm assuming that we can expect many good things to come from this duo ...

Here is a bit of their history from the site, Altered Zones:

"Five years ago, Indra Dunis and Aaron Coyes, both life-long musicians, met in San Francisco, CA. They started dating, jamming together, and playing in the psychedelic drone group Rahdunes. A few years later, Coyes and Dunis married and moved to Madison, where they formed the equally psychedelic, lo-fi pop duo, Peaking Lights, and opened The Good Style Shop, where they sell old records, vintage clothing, and curios. The group released their second full-length earlier this year, on Not Not Fun. Less noise-inspired and improvisational than Imaginary Falcons, their first, 936 filtered their “fucked pop” inclinations through a prism of dub and reggae. I chatted with Coyes and Dunis over the phone recently while they were at their home in Madison. As we talked about Aaron’s homemade synthesizers and the experience of recording their new album in a studio, their newest, and perhaps most important release blared continually in the background: their newborn son, Miko."

(You can read the full article and interview HERE.)

And now with no further delay, may I introduce to you the very amazing and wonderful Peaking Lights ... ENJOY!

You can download this mix RIGHT HERE.

Here are a few Peaking Lights videos for your viewing pleasure =

Hey Sparrow

Amazing & Wonderful

Tiger Eyes (Laid Back)

All The Sun That Shines

Marshmellow Yellow (Best Fit Sessio)


Hey! I've been working for 2 months solid on this upcoming solo painting show of mine called "Silent Majority" and the opening (March 2nd) is almost here! You can check out the facebook invite HERE and below is the poster for it ...


And now, a bit of random news =

1st up, Roy Burns recently posted this piece about how many of us Alabamians do not agree with that repulsive immigration law ... read it HERE. Thanks, Roy!

HERE 's a funny /amazing /bizarre / sad river houseboat story about Grimes. Wow.



1stly, I had to share this ultra-psychadelic Rolling Stones video from 1967 ... Zowie! =

This new one from Tanlines is cool in that you can actually "move" the camera around ... ah, technology! =

Let's play dress-up with EMA ... =

Hey look! The Drums were on Fallon! =

Gotta love some Julia Holter =

This one by Lambchop makes me laugh =

A beautifully over-the-top gay one from Perfume Genius ... Here here! =

Some tickle-filled dessertage is upon us ...

Ryan sent 2 ridiculous "scared of " Maury pieces ... haha ...cheers, R! =



This cuddly cute one is from Elise and it's called "【癒され度100%】スローロリスの愛が生まれた日♪ " ... thanks, E! =

Whaaat?! Eric McGinty sent me this totally insane and incredibly FUNNY one by Orphic Oxtra ... gracias, Eric! =

And finally,Ryan treated us to this very ... urm ... religious McDonalds experience ... haha! Danke, R! =

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ryan's "Stepping out of the darkness and into the light" Mix

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

To celebrate, my very own valentine Ryan Hora has created an extremely magical mixtape for this day of burning hearts and sweet love letters ... Really though, it's an awesome mix for any occasion ... You can shake and shimmy in your kitchen to it ... You can drive all around town to it ... You can take a long bubble bath to it ... You can even work out your taxes to it! It's chock full of intriguing brand new tunes from nowadays, along with some sparkling gems from way back when ...

Thanks, Ryan! XOXO

Now, get ready to step out of the darkness and into the light!

You can download the mix HERE.


Happy Birthday, Psychic Tuesday!!!

Roughly, 3 years ago (Feb. 17th, 2009) I was looking at the Deerhunter blog and listening to one of Bradford Cox's many incredible "micromixes" on there when suddenly I was inspired and compelled to start my own blog ...

You can view the 1st ever entry I made for this blog on that fateful Tuesday RIGHT HERE.

And below is the 1st ever mixtape I made for it (entitled the "Rainy Power Bill Mix"), which today is 3 years old! Back then, I hadn't discovered a way for folks to instantly listen to the mix, so celebrationally, today I'm presenting the mix as a P.T. flashback ... ENJOY!


and now ... some random news

Ryan posted this great link full of ridiculous clip art versions of famous album covers ... You can view them RIGHT HERE. Thanks, R!

And HERE is a great link I found listing the "top 5 regrets of the dying" ... It really puts things into perspective somehow.

Also, if you've never seen or heard of it, check out "TV Carnage", which collages a ton of delightful and weird old school television moments together ... YES! View the insanity RIGHT HERE.



Hey look! Alabama Shakes were on Conan!!!



Some psychedelic beauty, thanks to Julian House and Belbury Poly =

Enter the surreal world of Julia Holter =

Wow! Elise sent this great 80's underground nugget by Trees ... cheers, E! =

Elise also posted this rather awesome India hand puppetry thingy ... thanks again! =

Haha ... David Faust posted some great live Captain Beefheart stuff ... But I'm at a loss for words at 12:58 ... haha ... Gracias, David! =

Wes Reid (Tan Lnz) sent me this rad clip by Hobo Cubes ... danke, Wes! =

I somehow stumbled upon this wonderful 1966 clip of Cherry Wainer & Don Storer ... Groovy! =

This next bit is pretty bizarre ... Lindsay Denniberg is working on a film called "Video Diary Of A Lost Girl" (Teadorra does the soundtrack, too!) and this is the intro ... !!! =

A double decker dessert!

Charlie Sanders posted this nutty "Tim & Eric" clip ... thanks, Charlie! =

Charlie also posted this one ... haha! Merci! =