Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thrift Store Vinyl Radio program 13 (33 1/3)

Haha! I had a ton of fun creating this latest edition of Thrift Store Vinyl Radio ... It basically consists of songs from 45 inch singles played at the wrong (slow) speed, 33 1/3 ... This, of course makes each song sound not only completely different, but in many cases (especially instrumental cases) I think it actually makes the song a little better than when it's played at the correct speed ... haha!

I was inspired to make such a playlist on 2 different occasions ... the 1st was when Weston Flippo posted a 33 1/3 (slowed down) instrumental version of The Human League's "Don't You Want Me Baby" on facebook and I found it pretty astonishing ...It sounded a little like some Chillwave band that would have come out these days.

The 2nd occasion was when Ryan and I were just lying around playing a bunch of his 45's ... He put on this one Zombies record and it wasn't until the very end of the song that either of us realized it was on the wrong speed cuz it sounded so cool on 33 1/3! I actually started the whole radio show with that particular song.

Thanks, Weston and Ryan for the inspiration!

So, with no further ado ... Prepare yourself for Thrift Store Vinyl Radio program 13 ... "33 1/3" ... As always, E N J O Y !!!

You may download the show right HERE.


And now for a few more amazing mixes that I recently found ...

1st up is this incredible mixtape by Mo Kolours that was originally released last year on Wax Poetics ... The best thing about this one is that it really allows you to hear what influences Mo Kolours' own music ... You can read more about the mix and see the track list RIGHT HERE.

I also chanced upon these 2 grrreat mixes by Kwes. They're both named after teas (as are all of his "mixthings" and I find them wonderfully enjoyable :


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>VIDEOS ARE NOW<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

1stly, Ryan sent me this one by Zebra Katz and it is sooo good (and darkly funny!) ... I really love just how minimal the music is ... Thanks, R! =

And since I posted that Mo Kolours' mixtape earler, I thought I'd include one of his videos ... this one for the awesome song, "Biddies" =

Wow. I so dig this new one from Modeselektor =

Elise sent this fantastic animal-headed "ballet" by Daniel Savio ... Thanky, E! =

And Trevor Dane posted this crrraaaazzzy bit of retroness by Jimmy Caston ... Cheers! =

I love Grass Widow (One of my favorite bands of 2010) so here are 2 great videos by them! =

Gotta love the dancing in this new one from Tanlines! haha =

Ryan sent me this bit of wickedly weirdness care of Pwin Teaks ... Cheers, R! =

And Mimi Alidor sent me this bit of strange beauty called "Honeybee" by Steam Powered Giraffe ... Merci, Mimi! =

Dessert, anyone???

This hilarious Portlandia segment stars Joanna Newsom, along with Grass Widow (they play some of the hippies at the beginning!) =

Lee Dunnie recently posted this ridiculous Cheech & Chong cartoon, "Basketball Jones" ... Danke, Lee!!! =

Craig Stroud sent me this sweetly sarcastic "Angry Birds" robot clip ... Gracias, Craig! =

Haha! This "Funny or Die ... Drunk History: Nikola Tesla" piece that Ryan sent me is definitely laugh-out-loud funny ... especially the lip-syncing parts! Thanks, Ryan!!! =

And speaking of Ryan, I thought I'd wrap things up with this laughably bad video that he sent me by Y Cant Tori Read ... Yikes! Haha!!! Enjoy the cheese! =

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Clay's Covered & Uncovered Mixes

These 2 ultimately unique and fantastically fun mixes were created by the one and only Clay Craig. You may or may not recall that Clay is responsible for the danceably spooky Sounds From The Vault mix that I posted for Halloween back in 2010. I've known Clay for quite some time and I think it's safe to say that he definitely has a talent for not only making superb mixtapes, but making thoroughly entertaining and extremely well thought-out and thematic mixes. I have quite a collection of Clay's compilations and these 2 are among my very favorites that he's made.

I feel like both of these mixes are sort of educational, especially for folks who have an unquenchable thirst for musical knowledge (like me!) ... The 1st playlist gave me the pleasure of hearing a bunch of bands I'm familiar (and in some cases, unfamiliar) with pay tribute to other great musicians by covering their songs. With the 2nd playlist I was given the privilege of being able to hear the original versions of some songs that I once never even knew were covers!

(Speaking of covers, my very talented brother Peter Wilm did the excellent artwork for both ... Here here!)

And now, a word from Clay himself to tell you more about the Covered & Uncovered mixes =

"when i cook up a mix, i like to include songs that make you feel comfortable, before bashing you over the head with something new. an easy way to accomplish this is by pacifying the listener with a cover song. through squirting out so many mixes, i’ve developed an extreme obsession with finding good cover songs, so it was pretty painless to make a mix of just covers. i also enjoy being surprised to discover that a song i’ve been listening to for years is a cover. a few years ago i had gathered enough of these songs to create an entire mix of them. these mixes were made extra special, because peter drew the covers. my favorite was the guy under the covers. you could lift the flap and see what he was hiding. some folks have an unwavering aversion to covers, these mixes would not be for them.

rock and roll,
clay "


And here they are for your eminent entertainment ... ENJOY!!!

You can see who performed the original songs OR find out the band that is better known for their cover versions in the tracklists that are inlcuded in the download of these mixes ... Also, you get to see what Peter is hiding under the covers in the artwork, too!

Find out RIGHT HERE.

Below are 3 video examples I found of songs included in the mix.
It's interesting to see just how different how far the covers stray from the originals!

Dinosaur Jr. - "Just Like Heaven" (the cover)

The Cure - "Just Like Heaven" (the original)

Tom Waits - "I Don't Wann Grow Up" (the original)

The Ramones - I Don't Wanna Grow Up" (the cover)

Frank Sinatra - "My Way" (the original)

Sid Vicious - "My Way" (the cover)


Speaking of Clay, he and his family recently visited my place and picked up this painting I did (of his and his wife Yuri's son Wyeth) for Yuri's birthday ... dig it =


VIDEOS //\\//\\ VIDEOS //\\//\\ VIDEOS //\\//\\ VIDEOS

1st up, a ridiculously funny one by Orbital, including the mesmerizing voice of Zola Jesus =

Travis Swinford (thanks!) posted this trippy-creepy one Acid Baby Jesus, who will be playing at Eclipse in Montevallo, AL April 24th! =

Here's a very colorful one from The Horrors =

Wow. This next one (by Spiritualized) is very much NSFW ... that doesn't mean that it's not over-the-top amazing! Dig!!! =

Speaking of drag queens, Weston Flippo posted this intense clip by Big Mouth ... Cheers, Weston! =

And if that wasn't enough for ya ... haha ...

And now, some dessert to tickle yer blues away ...

This show always made me laugh, even if I was being taught some pretty valuable information at the same time ... The host was just naturally funny, I think =

And Elise (who's awesome son, Grant turns 6 today!) posted this insane Darth Vader video ... haha ... Gracias, E and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Grant! =

Lance Hays posted this strange, yet catchy Jesus video by Sonseed ... haha ... Danke! =

Speaking of haha, I think I laugh more every time I watch this next one! =

I've never seen a weather man flip out THIS much over a roach! =

And finally Ryan sent me this nice bit of bizarreness ... Merci, R ... Night night! =

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