Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cassette Commotion 5 : The Ventures

It's not only the last Tuesday of the month (July, 2012), it's the last day of the month (wow! tomorrow is August!) ... so that means it's time to plow through all of my old cassettes again!

This time I found a very sun-filled Ventures compilation tape, full of (almost TOO) loud and raucous guitar surf rock ... perfect for shakin it at the poolside or hunting for seashells at the ocean's edge!

Note: this was recorded on some really crappy old tape player a million years ago, so the sound quality is not exactly "top drawer" ... it's loud as hell and has that "old transistor radio" feel to it, but hey! That's just part of the joy and wonder that was and still is the vintage cassette experience! If you want crisp and clear, go listen to The Ventures on iTunes! haha 

Anyway, here it is ... get ready to turn the volume down cuz it really is blaringly LOUD!


Wanna download it? Well, you can RIGHT HERE.


>>>>RANDOM NEWS is NOW<<<<<

Last Tuesday night, Ryan and I's outdoor kitty, Dolphina sadly passed away.
I miss her so much. Rest in peace, boo boo ... I love you.

 One a brighter note, Birmingham's own MackONE has a shiny new EP out on Step Pepper Records called "Sounds From The Music Cave"!
I soooo dig how it flows like one solid piece music with subtle variations ...
You can partake of it below =

 Read THIS article.
It frustrates me to think that our city has the means
and the facilities and yet, most of us AREN'T using them!!!

Wake up and recycle, Birmingham!!!


In other news, dig THIS article where Calvin Johnson discusses the longevity of "K punk" and the rise of cassette tapes! Here here!!!

And this is pure awesomeness ... It's Animal Collective Radio! The band is now featuring a brand new episode at 8pm (central) each Sunday night myanimalhome.net ...
Last Sunday's episode was sooo rad. Check it!!!

Speaking of rad, Tuneyards made an excellent mixtape of African sounds called the
"Africa In Your Earbuds Mix" !!!
You can listen to it below


 >>>>>>>VIDEOS ARE NOW<<<<<<<

1st up, some beautiful new craziness from Liars

A. Read a great new Dan Deacon interview HERE.

B. Watch the wonderfully playful video for his new song "True Thrush"

Walker Yancey recently posted this great boney Bruce Haack video ... Thanks, Walker!

A pretty silly new  Black Lips video

My brother Peter sent this next one full of great Wes Anderson animated shorts ...
Danke, mein bruder!

Peter also sent me (cheers!) this awesome with the brilliant Mark Hollis (Talk Talk) interview from 1998 ...  Feel free to skip through the blonde Danish lady! haha

This brilliant Cibo Matto clip from back in the day NEVER gets old!

>>>Dessert! Dessert! Dessert!<<<

 Haha ... my niece, Catherine Ardizone posted this ridiculous video of a rather
confused dog! Merci, Catherine!

Elise posted this amazing video chock full of Post It notes!!!
Wowzers! Gracias, E!

And finally, Elise also sent me (thanky!) this bit of pure raintime bliss called "Cloudy"
Love it!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Swimsuit Mix 2

This mixtape might just be perfect for :

A. Sipping a cool drink
B. Hiding from the sun in an air conditioned hotel room
C. Hula hooping in a wet front yard
D. Driving to the beach
E. Swimming somewhere, anywhere at midnight


I have always had bitter-sweet feelings about "the season of the sun", so this is me making a concerted effort to completely enjoy Summer 2012, which I've actually been enjoying immensely (I must confess!). This mix contains a couple of rad new songs by exciting bands that I can't get enough of, along with a bunch of awesome older stuff that (for some reason or other) just felt appropriate ... So whether yer splashing around in a pool or chilling out with an icy popsicle ...


You may download the mix RIGHT HERE.


>>>>And now ... RANDOM NEWS<<<<<

Hey look! Nowhere Squares have begun recording our new full-length that will be released this coming Autumn on Happenin Records!

Hurray for the muppets!!!
The Jim Henson Corporation have parted ways with Chick-Fil-A because they baste their chicken in hate and homophobia (which tastes absolutely terrible if you've ever tried it)!!! Here here!!!


 >>>>>>>VIDEOS ARE NOW<<<<<<<

1st up, a bit of VHS fun starring The Raveonettes

Ed Reynolds posted this great Patti Smith interview, circa 1978 ... Love it!
Thanks, Ed!!!

A new video from the one and only Ssion. I think he should do a commercial for Chick-Fil-A ...
What do ya think?!

Awesome ... it's Atlas Sound at this year's Pitchfork Festival

Elise sent me this batch of night time loveliness by Magic Wands ...
Danke, E!!!

Elise also sent me this trailer to an actual feature-length film rendition of the Three Little Pigs story entitled The Brick House ... Crazy! Muchos gracias, E!

>>>Dessert! Dessert! Dessert!<<<

Marc and Elise recently introduced Ryan & I to the wonderful world of Mitchell & Webb ... Here's just a taste of their insanely wicked brand of humour!

 Peter sent this next video. We both have a bit of a problem when people repeatedly post photos of their meals on facebook, twitter, etc ... Glad to know that we're not alone! haha

This next one's for Peter ... it's Harry Pottymouth! Haha

And finally ... "Praise Moves" ... Seth Persons posted this one (cheers!). Basically this is just yoga exercises with shiny new Christian names ... so ridiculous! She may as well change the names of all of the months and days of week while she's at it!