Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Piping Hot {Sept. '12} Mix

This mixtape just might be perfect for:

A. Trying on a brand new sweater
B. Riding a bike at twilight
C. Picking out Halloween decorations
D. Chopping firewood
E. Having an autumn yardsale

Last month, I started a new series called the "Piping Hot" series where, at the end of each month I collect (from that particular month) all of the hot, fresh, brand new songs that I can find from not only bands and musicians I already know and love, but also bands and musicians I've just discovered.

It's a pretty thrilling process trying to find new stuff throughout the month, and September had some pretty strange, yet intense offerings ... This mixtape really goes all over the map, from one end of the scale to the other and back! I think it makes a perfectly exciting and erratic  "soundtrack" for welcoming in Autumn's chillier days and falling leaves!

as always,


You may download the hot fresh newness RIGHT HERE.


>>>>a bit of RANDOM NEWS<<<<<

So my band, Nowhere Squares have finally put the finishing touches on our new album, "Lets Not" and it should be out in November!!!

In the meantime, I've been directing a video for the song below ("Dont Fit In") ... hopefully I'll have it all done by Halloween! Yes!


 >>>>>>>VIDEOS ARE NOW<<<<<<<

Fall is finally here! And what ho?! A new Dead Can Dance video ... Perfect!

This wonderfully spooky and rather disgusting new Jon Spencer Blues Explosion video
is also just in time for Fall!

Yes! Flying Lotus animated goodness

Speaking of lotuses, here's the new Lotus Plaza video

Here's one by a new band called TWINS

Micachu & The Shapes in the woods!

John Wendel posted his delightful animated video of the recently unearthed SMiLE session version of The Beach Boys' 1966 song, "Heroes & Villains" ... thanks, John!

Wow. Here's a marvelous (and sort of sad) new Sigur Ros

>>>Some crazy Dessert treats!<<<

WTF?! Liam Neeson stares at you for 10 HOURS?! Why?!!

Jesse Rodgers sent this bizarrely ridiculous "Dora The Explorer" movie trailer ...
Cheers, Jesse!

Elise posted this chunk of pure awesomeness ... it's Touchy, the human camera!
Thanks, and happy happy birthday, E (tomorrow!!!)

And finally, my brother Peter sent this great bit of Mario madness ...
Danke, brother!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Around You Mix by Chris Stewart

This mix goes well with:

• Early sunsets
• Being able to see your own breath
• Watching a leaf float down a street gutter into a sewer drain
• Your favorite jacket

So says Chris Stewart, the creator of this wonderfully autumnal mixtape (The 1st day of Fall being THIS coming Saturday!!!) ... Chris has contributed a zillion awesome mixes to the Psychic Tuesday airwaves and this one is certainly no exception.

It makes me think of a superb Wes Anderson movie soundtrack ... It makes me think of visiting a friend's house after the first day of school and listening to records while dead leaves float down past the window ... It is, basically, perfect for this time of year! Well done, Chris!

Here's what Chris had to report about his latest audio creation:

"This mix was made in anticipation of the fall season. I chose these specific songs because they each have a certain color to them sonically."

I very much agree ... I also appreciate how long and sprawling this mix is ...
Thanks again, Chris!

So here it is for your soon-to-be-celebrating-Autumn pleasure!

The "Fall Around You" mix ... ENJOY!

You may download the mixtape RIGHT HERE


>>>>> a bit of random news <<<<<

1st up, come out THIS THURSDAY EVENING! 5-7pm for the opening for my new show, "Anonymous" at Little Savannah !!! 
There'll be art, hors d'oeuvres and discounted cocktails!

Speaking of art, you've GOT to see this new group exhibit that is at Art Folk gallery RIGHT NOW! It's called "Reading The Rails"and it's simply amazing. Find out all about it HERE.

Hey ... This past Sunday was Elise's parents' 50th anniversary! Congrats!
This one's for you, E!


 >>>>>>>VIDEOS ARE NOW<<<<<<<

Hey look! It's the world's oldest color film!

Here's one by Thee Oh Sees, who will magically appear live at Bottletree w/ the terrific Ty Segall THIS Wednesday, Sept 19th!!!

Yikes... a totally and completely depressing animated video by Bonnie Prince Billy

Yay! It's Micachu & The Shapes!

Walker posted this great Hitchcock dream sequence designed by Salvador Dali in the movie "Spellbound" ...thanks, Walker!

And Matt Schulz posted this great improvisation documentary with Max Roach teaching kids different techniques ... Cheers, Matt!

>>>A Double Dose of Dessert!<<<

Haha ... It's Collective Soul Cat!

Here's a pretty ridiculous 60's mockumentry about skateboarding hazards!