Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Piping Hot {December '12} Mix

1st of all, Merry Christmas, everyone!!!
This is the 1st Psychic Tuesday to ever fall on the 1st day of Yuletide!!!

In celebration, I found this great piece about Vince Guaraldi's very excellent soundtrack to "A Charlie Brown Christmas". You can read it right HERE.

And for a nice Christmas present, I have for you this week's mixtape, chock full of brand new music!!!

At the end of each month I collect (from that particular month) all of the hot, fresh songs that I can find from not only bands and musicians I already know and love, but also bands and musicians I've just discovered.

For the most part, December 2012 contained a lot of joyously loud, raucous and excitingly upbeat ear treats!  Stuff that's guaranteed to get you shakin yer stuff and warming you up during the frosty season!

as always ....

Happy Holidays!

You can download the new soundz RIGHT HERE.


 >>>>>>>VIDEOS ARE NOW<<<<<<<

Because New Year's Eve will happen BEFORE next Tuesday, I thought I'd 1st post this full concert feature ... it's Tom Waits' "Big Time" and always makes me think of the festive magic ofNew Year's Eve ... Enjoy!

Here's a big gulp of surfy psychedelia from Peaking Lights

Some meditatively lonely sounds and sights care of  Itasca

A bit of gloomy winter stuff from Nico ... This un's for Ryan, cuz he loves her so

Some nostalgic, Super 8 moments

I dig this wonderfully strange and disturbing Kriget video! 

From disturbing to bizarre!
I give you Karriem Riggins

>>>Dessert for everyone!!!<<<

1stly, Roy Burns posted this hilarious one.
It's good ole Yoko's Ono's interpretation of "Fireworks" by Katy Perry ...
thanky, Roy!

And Elise sent me 2 funnies ... Danke, E!

1. A scary snowman prankster :

2. A very short breakdancer from India :

And finally, Patrick Riley posted this goofy ass teen werewolf video ... bwahaha!
Cheers, Patrick!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chris Stewart presents "Christmas"!

This mixtape just might be perfect for:

A. Christmas shopping excursions
B. Christmas gift wrapping sessions
C. Present shaking and guessing
D. Downing some Christmas spirits
E. Preparing for the "end of the world"

I really love discovering new music and I also love collecting off-the-wall Christmas music.

This new mix by Chris Stewart satisfies both of these cravings! It's like a giant Christmas present for the ears! Chris has contributed many an amazing mix to the Psychic Tuesday airwaves.  This is one of his finest. If you are in any way sick and tired of all of the overplayed, typical Christmas tunes, this mixtape will truly zap you with an exciting and refreshing blast of Christmas spirit!

Here is Chris to tell you a little about it:

"This is my Christmas Mix. I didn't want the same old Christmas mix I always hear, so I did a lot of digging around and I think I've come up with quite a selection. Some tracks are on this mix because I thought they were great songs, like "Santa Is On His Way" by Bob Wills. Some tracks are on here because I find humor in how terrible they are, such as Lynn Anderson's pointless song "Ding-A-Ling The Christmas Bell." Others are neat artifacts, and some are just flat out strange... Enjoy!" 

Thanks again, Chris for yet another highly entertaining listening experience!

You can download Chris' ferociously festive mix RIGHT HERE !


>>>>random news is now!<<<<

1st up, just in case that wasn't enough holiday cheer for you, here's the Thrift Store Vinyl Radio (xmas edition) episode I made last year ... ENJOY!

And if you're craving some truly insane season's greetings,  you can download Fred & Daily (my brother Peter and I)'s ultra crazy album, "Hairy Crimmah On Ice" ! Simply click the album cover below!

And speaking of the album, here's a quaint music video from it!

On a non-festive note, the great sitar-playing musician, Ravi Shankar died on  Dec. 11 2012. Rest in peace.


 >>>>>>>VIDEOS ARE NOW<<<<<<<

1st up, my cousin Rosa posted this excellently informative video ...
Vielen dank, Rosa!!!

A great new Wavves video ...

Look! It's L.A. Vampires w/ Maria Minerva

A spooky / artsy one by New Zealander, Sam Hamilton

Some psychedelic fun with PC Worship 

And appropriately for the season, Merrilee Chaliss posted this wonderful 1913 gem called "The Insects' Christmas"... Cheers, Merr!

>>>A triple decker Christmassy Dessert!!!<<<

Here's a certain L. Rapchak bringing to life the already extremely lively "Christmas Tree" song by Mel Blanc (which appears on today's mix!)

Try to enjoy this most recent batch of urm ... "brilliant" Dean and Company xmas Hell!

And finally, we leave you with the light-hearted adventures of one hungry Santa ornament!
Merry Christmas one and all!