Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Piping Hot {January '13} Mix

Back in August '12, I started up a new series called the "Piping Hot" series where, at the end of each month I collect (from that particular month) all of the hot, fresh, brand new songs that I can find from not only bands and musicians I already know and love, but also bands and musicians I've just discovered.

This year has really started off with a BANG! And what a weird bang it is! This mixtape is all over the place, but it's one of my favorites so far ... There are even a few surprises appearances from some folks we haven't heard from in quite a while! Get yer ears ready! 2013, here we come!!!

As always ...

*** ENJOY ***

If you like, you  may download the mix RIGHT HERE.


>>>>random news is here!<<<<

Well, who would have foreseen THIS?!! haha ...

It started as a silly, random idea, then suddenly Peter and I were writing it out and filming it!

Below, you can watch the 1st episode of a monthly "internet TV show" that we created called ... what else?! "Psychic Tuesday"! The music was made by the talented Chris Stewart (a mixmaster veteran!) and stars (Peter and) a few of Peter and I's friends!

This first episode was pretty much slapped together in a rush because the idea wasn't really hatched until the end of January and we're intending there to be a new episode on the last Tuesday of each month of 2013 ...

So, with that in mind, may I now present to you ...

"Psychic Tuesday" (the 'TV show'!) episode one:

In other news, I now have a bunch of my paintings (along with some of my fellow Birmingham artists, Byron Sonnier, Doug Balous, Daisy Winfrey and Bo Hughins) in a brand new gallery in Carmel, California called Valley Greens Gallery !!! 

I hope the folks of Cali dig our "exotic" Alabama take on things! haha


 >>>>>>>VIDEOS ARE NOW<<<<<<<

All the videos on today's blawg are BRAND NEW!!!

Woah! Here is an creepy epic and incredible new one from The Knife!
(it's NSFW in places ... )

Speaking of NSFW, dig this 'un from Tame Impala ...
teen fantasies coming yer way!

Here is startlingly great new video from Iceage
(hey, the song is on the mix!)

Woah ... This Grizzly Bear one makes my skin crawl ... in a good way

Can't wait for this! A documentary about the legendary Atlantian, Bradford Cox!

A minimal sort of new one from Animal Collective, meant to played with all the lights out!

Lastly but not leastly, Elise sent me this wonderful new one from Deerhoof ... Boy would I love to hang out with them!

>>>A triple deluge of Dessert!!!<<<

This 1st one's for Elise, cuz I know it'll make her smile!

Ryan played me this next one and I find it quite hilarious!
It's comedian Katt Williams' take on Michael Jackson (before he passed away) ... DEFINITELY NSFW! Cheers, Ryan!

And finally, Brian Teasley posted this abomination of a video, stating "What a great idea for parents...who are complete morons." ... Haha! Agreed! Muchos gracias, Brian!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Focal Point : The Focus Group

This month, Psychic Tuesday focuses on The Focus Group, aka Julian House, who is also a graphic designer by day.

House’s music is amazing, surreal and inspiring. It's released through GhostBox, the label he started with his friend, Jim Jupp, who releases records as Belbury Poly.

Focus Group is more or less a  fantastical cut-up of old library sounds and exotic flourishes; a sixties-inspired pastiche of short tracks and technicolor samples.

Personally, I could listen to this stuff all day. I particularly appreciate House's attitude towards rhythm. It could almost be called "non-rhythm" at times! There are only 4 Focus Group albums (the 4th being a collaborative effort with British band Broadcast called “Broadcast and the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age”). I hope he records a thousand more!

as always,


You can download the mixtape RIGHT HERE.

In case you'd like to learn more about the Ghost Box label and the philosophy and art behind it,  below is a Ghost Box special, featuring an interview with Jim Jupp and Julian House. (interview begins at 13:17)

And now, here is a collection of Focus Group related videos and short films!


 >>>>>>>VIDEOS ARE NOW<<<<<<<

1st up, we have an extremely hand-filled new one from Ty Segall

Next, a beautifully twisted video from SBTKRT !

Behold ... Mac DeMarco in his finest 17th century duds!

A nice time-lapse landscape piece from Dan Deacon

Lewis Carroll would probably love this 'un by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Warm up your winter with this sunny new Woods video

Speaking of suns, I love how simple this new Suuns one is!

>>>Dessert is ready and waiting! <<<

Hey! I know it's a music video, but I had to put this new one from Dinosaur Jr. in the funny section! You'll see why ...

Roy Burns sent me this bit of bizarreness ... Andy Warhol interviewed at (of all places!) the World Wrestling Federation! Thanks, Roy!

And lastly, Elise sent this grotesquely hilarious short film called "Apocalypse"! Muchos gracias, E!!!