Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Piping Hot {April '13} new music

This mixtape just might be perfect for:

A. Exploring
B. Driving (car)
C. Riding (bike)
D. Running amok
E. Dancing behind closed doors


SOOOO much outstanding new music this month (April, 2013)!!! This is number 9 in the Piping Hot series, in which I compile all of my favorite fresh, new (piping hot) tunes from the past month and it seems to have a little bit of everything in it ...

 As always, 

*** ENJOY ***

If you'd like to download the mix, you can RIGHT HERE.

The track list can be found HERE.

It's the last Tuesday of the month ... and what else could that mean but a brand new Psychic Tuesday episode! Oh boy is this one epic! Brian Teasley especially outdoes himself (in more than one way!haha) as a splendid actor ... Here, here!

One of my all-time favorite groups, The Focus Group has an exciting new album coming out and it's called "The Elektrik Karousel"! You can now preorder it RIGHT HERE.

HERE is an extremely awesome mixtape from Grouper, full of many an unexpected pleasures! ENJOY!

A new murderous nightmare of a video from Thee Oh Sees ...

A sweetly sentimental one (despite some nightmarish masks!) by Young Galaxy ...

Wild Nothing presents some whacky and color-soaked abstract animation

Elise posted this weird and wonderful Coco Rosie video ... Cheers, E!

speaking of beautiful, Colin Blanton posted "Difficult Loves" by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma ... Danke, Colin!

Wow! The Pastels are back with "Check My Heart"! The song is on this week's mix, too!

And lastly, here are Crystal Castles, not at all affected by Spring, but instead, all blue haired and spooky!

Vincent Price + pork chops = Hahaha!!!

Dig it! Cookie Monster sings Tom Waits! 

And finally, Elise sent this next lovely but slightly disturbing one saying "Teddy gets better!" Love it! Muchos gracias, E!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Awesome Tapes From Africa

This is music compiled from one of my favorite blogs. It's called Awesome Tapes From Africa and it's been around since 2006. It's creator is an ethnomusicologist named Brian Shimkovitz who currently lives in Berlin. Shimkovitz has accumulated hundreds of rare African cassettes, sharing his bounty through the blog and wheeling them around the globe as a touring DJ. Preserving material that is far from the continent’s typically known afro-funk, he’s uncovered everything from 80s stadium pop to low tech hip hop, drum n bass divas, Fuji music and raw psychedelia. 

 This mixtape is really just the tip of the African iceberg ... Shimkovitz consistently updates the blog with new delightfully obscure cassettes, and it's always a pleasure to hear such colorful, bright and sunny songs ... especially in the warm seasons!

 As always, 

*** ENJOY ***

If you'd like to download the mix, you can RIGHT HERE.

The track list can be found HERE.

And here are several awesome African videos from Awesome Tapes From Africa's facebook page, which you can check out RIGHT HERE.

and now for some

0. I will be displaying some new paintings at Birmingham's Magic City Art Connection festival in Linn Park this Friday, Saturday & Sunday! Come see me at tent 341!!!

Man Or Astroman? are releasing their 1st new album in 12 years!
Check it out HERE!

Toko Yasuda's (formerly of Enon) new moniker, PLVS VLTRA has just released her brilliant debut album and it's called "Yo-Yo Blue!"  Order your copy today HERE!

What's hiding in the meat that you eat?
It's not pretty. Find out HERE.

Listen to the new Deerhunter album, "Monomania" on NPR below!!!

Get ready for a TON of em this week!!!

1st up, John Wendel posted this gem = ‘1984: Music for Modern Americans’: A brilliant black and white animated film by artist Eduardo Paolozzi ... Yes! Thanks, John!

Speaking of John, he also posted this great bit of retro bliss = Elis Regina - "Upa Neguinho" ... Cheers, J!

Wowzers. This new Mo Kolours video is chock-full of awesome African costumes

Speaking of costumes, Elise sent this craaazy new Basement Jaxx video filled with some great collagey whackiness! Gracias, E!!!

And speaking of collage, dig this new one from Small Black!

Here's some surreal and dreamlike goodness, care of Youth Lagoon

Wow. Speaking of surreal, Chris Stewart created this wondrous tidbit called "Building Wakes Up" ... Here, here Chris!

Witness a gambling transformation in this one from Bass Drum Of Death

Technology succumbs to nature in this new one from Low

The message is clear.
Savages just want you to shut up!

Some eye fun/torture with The Knife

And finally, Michael Herrell sent this Broken Social Scene : "I'm Still Your Fag"... Danke schön, Michael!