Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Piping Hot {new music} June '13


It's Summer, everybody! Ready for some brand new music?

On the last Tuesday of each month, I compile that particular month's harvest of new sounds, titling each mixtape "Piping Hot" ... June 2013 offered many an audible delight, many of them in the experimental territory, not to say that there weren't also plenty of solid electronic soundz, raucous rock and more female voices than usual! The sweltering Summer cornucopia spilleth over! 

Happy Hot Season to all! 

 ***DO ENJOY***

You can download the mix RIGHT HERE

You can download the track list  RIGHT HERE.


It's the last Tuesday of the month! Time for a brand new Psychic Tuesday episode!

And in case you're totally lost plot-wise, you can check out past episodes RIGHT HERE!


Speaking of Psychic Tuesday, a lot of the soundtrack is created by Analysis Report, which is actually Chris Stewart and I ... but another great deal of the soundtrack comes from Chris's awesome solo project,VAWTER ... Behold the video version of his epic debut EP below !


Nice. Here is a great interview with my pal, Colin who makes amazing ambient-type sounds under the Antl'rd moniker ... Dig :


I love the Swiss electronic band, Yello. Boris Blank is one 1/2 of Yello.
Below is a taster for his solo album! Yay!

{ Note: many of the brand new videos below have songs on that are on the Piping Hot mix! }

I must say that this new The Postal Service video was very well done …

Local Natives bring us an intense deathbed drama … with a twist!

This new one from Fuck Buttons very minimal … and very red and yellow

speaking of minimal … this Porcelain Raft video is just that …

A bit of dark female swimming adventures with Stellar OM Source

Metz bring us a rather bizarre, futuristic and animated junk yard

This'un by RITCHRD  plays out  like the lost interstellar episode of Soul Train!

Hey look! It's Chvrches!

Hey look! It's Chvrches on Fallon!

And finally, Majical Cloudz present bugs aplenty! Makes me itch!

Craig Stroud posted this 1st treat, stating: "Quite amazing, and occasionally hilarious. The Southern redneck accent is pretty good. Loved the Nigerian, too. By the way, lots of swearing, so mind the little ones." Thanks, Craig!

Next up, Ryan posted this pretty radical Italian tampon commercial … wait for it! Gratzi, R!

Ryan also posted the delightfully simple "Catherine"! Thankers!

And last and certainly least, here is "African American Cooking with Paula Deen" ... haha

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beth Ragland presents Underwater

Summer is but 2 days away! And to ring in the hot season, the ever-wonderful Beth Ragland (aka Bad Muffin who is also a Psychic Tuesday mixmaster veteran!) has created this perfectly danceable mixtape for sunbathing, taking a cool dip and / or just frolicking in, out or around around any pool, river, lake or ocean!

Here's Beth herself to give you the scoop on her most excellent mixtape :

"These songs remind me of the vibe of summer activities. A lot of them have this underwater feel to them. Pretty much all of them were released in 2013. Let this be one of your soundtracks to your summer fun. (spash!)."

Thanks again, Beth!

Now ready yourself for some entertainingly underwater audio antics!

You can download the mix & the track list  RIGHT HERE.


1st up, Urbandy generously shared his latest (and GREATEST!) mixtape, saying

"It's a summer mix, meant to be a crowd pleaser, energetic and chill at the same time somehow."

YES! Dig the summer sounds below ... Thanks, Urbandy!


Here's a brand new reason to hate high fructose corn syrup … it may be killing the bees.
Read all about it RIGHT HERE.


Roy Burns posted THIS fascinating article called "Found at Auction: The Unseen Photographs of a Legend that Never Was" ... Cheers, Roy!

Hey! It's a new one from Hunx & His Punx … John Waters, eat your heart out!

Wow. These New Puritans have changed their sound quite a bit! Dig.

Some soothing, otherworldly & sorta spooky sights n sounds care of Salvia Plath (nice name!)

Watch the Foals lead singer chase a naked lady around a desert

Woah! The guy in thisPure X wins the "lip sync performance of the year" award in my book! Wait for it!

Speaking of pure, here's some pure dreaminess from Blue Hawaii

A bit of black and white psych-rock bliss via Quilt

And speaking of black and white, here's one from Sonny & The Sunsets … I so love this style of animation

What???! This little girl truly loves her ... toilet?!

Elise sent this batch of cheesy kaleidoscope dance heaven! Gracias, E!

And finally, John Wendel posted that he still has nightmares about the Bionic Woman's circuit board face! Just that fact is funny to me!
You be the judge :