Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Piping Hot {new music} July '13

If you didn't already know, on the last Tuesday of each month, I compile that particular month's harvest of new sounds, titling each mixtape "Piping Hot" ... 

 Usually, these playlists end up pretty random, with many a harsh juxtaposition (raucous garage band clashes with ambient electronic artist etc.) but in this July 2013 Piping Hot mix, I'm proud to say that (for the most part!) everything actually flows like an actual bonafide mixtape, regardless of the fact that it's all brand new music! 

 It's a loud, summery rockin' one, with a bunch of fresh faces, not to mention quite a few surprises from some old favorites (i.e. Pixies, Mazzy Star etc.) 

As always,

 *** ENJOY ***

You can download the mix and track list RIGHT HERE.


Hey! It's the latest (and so far, the most out there!) episode of "Psychic Tuesday"! ENJOY!!!


Leaving Records has a really great new Summer Mix … Check out the soundz below ... The tracklist can be found right here.


The producer, Arca made a pretty incredible mixtape, which sounds like awesome modern soundtrack music to me!  Dig in to it!

1stly, here's Cuushe with some amazing animated bliss … soooo goood

Flower Orgy bring us some lo-fi tripped out fun

Here is a new "let's be weird on purpose" kind of Franz Ferdinand video

Apparently, saxophones are the new black ! Witness this wonderful new (and very produced sounding) King Khan video

Elise sent this Moderat video chock-full of illustrative comic strip wonderment ... Thanks, E!

And here's one for Elise! It's Blondes' song "Elise"!

A neon light tree stars in this rather minimal Volcano Choir video

Washed Out gives us a safari of natural beauty

And check out the Kaleidoscopic horns of Diamond Terrifier

Haha! Dig David Liebe Hart's exercise video!

This poor lady thinks a habanero pepper is a "cute" cherry!

Surreal! Hilarious! It's a Miley Cyrus music video without the music! Sooo much better!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Seers / Speakers

Since January of this year, I've been making an episodic film that I post on the last Tuesday of each month. ( You can check out past episodes HERE. ) It's called "Psychic Tuesday" and involves people waking up to their own telepathic powers. 

Eventually, many of the "seers" begin to form a prejudice against all of the "speakers", aka people who haven't tapped into their own psyches and still use their mouths (as opposed to their minds) to communicate. 

 This is a playlist I made with "Psychic Tuesday" in mind. The running theme throughout it seems to be "glorified silence". It's dedicated to my awesome twin brother, Peter who plays Seth in the film. I imagine this to be a mixtape that Seth makes for his girlfriend, Cassandra. These two characters are two of the most self-righteous and prejudiced seers, and they're both obsessed with the idea of a new world where the spoken word is a thing of the past.

Episode 7 premieres NEXT Tuesday, so get ready!!!

 As always,

 *** ENJOY ***

You can download the mix RIGHT HERE.

The track list can be found RIGHT HERE


Hey! Shameless plug time! haha
My band Nowhere Squares' latest album. "Lets Not" is now on iTunes! Check it out RIGHT HERE.


HERE is a great feature on a wonderful obscure girl band of the past called The Raincoats.
Mental note: A focal point mix should be done on them in the near future!


Ryan informed me that David Lynch has a brand new album out (called "The Big Dream") and here's a documentary about it's creation ... Cheers, R!


FYI, the facebook game Candy Crush is pure evil! I know because I'm a recovering addict! Just say NO!

Here's a certain Miles Dyer to explain :

Yes! Let's start off with some dark, trippy 1967 goodness from Yayoi Kusama

It looks as if, at least to Austra, the past IS the future

Are The Flaming Lips "turning violent"?
You be the judge :

Sic Alps have recently broke up ... Here is their pretty great last ever video ...

Soft Metals present ... heavy petting galore!

Some lovely creepiness care of CocoRosie

Here's a great interview with the awesome Dirty Beaches

Oh wow!
Here are 5 examples of artist Simone Rovellini's hilarious
"Exploding Actresses" videos!
Love love LOVE!!!






In this ridiculous new FIDLAR video, actor Nick Offerman pisses all over everything! Literally!

And finally, Greg Lowry posted this laugh-out-loud gem called "It's Hot As Hell!"
Muchos gracias, Greg!!!