Tuesday, August 27, 2013

NOW Soundz august '13

Craving new music? Well, crave no longer!

Behold ... a mixtape full of brand new songs released this very month!

August was quite an exciting month in terms of new soundz. This mix contains some true greatness from likes of The Blow, Drew Price's Bermuda Triangle, Quasi, Islands, Cults and many more! 

Prepare your eager ears for some straight up NOWness!

As always

*** ENJOY ***

You can download the mix and track list RIGHT HERE.


The Advisory Circle created a wonderfully relaxing late summery mix called "August Sun High" ... dig in!


Speaking of relaxing, Ryan sent this strange and seemingly endless bit of wonderfulness called Falling Falling ... It's RIGHT HERE. Danke, R!



WOWZAH! Awesome Tapes From Africa recently made a damn fine Boiler Room mix! YES!

Below are just a few extremely awesome brand new videos from this month

some Soft Metals newness

Trevor Barton reads Three Poems

Psychic Blood newness!

This newness from Thee Open Sex runs like an experimental film

King Krule brings us some visually minimal newness

and Faint Wild Light brings us a bit of foresty nature newness

Haha! Get ready for BlobbyVision!

Ryan posted a few How To Basic videos, which are both psychotic and ridiculously funny!
You can view a TON more HERE. Gracias, R!

And finally, this is what happens to (the more fortunate) dopes who text and drive (this could've turned out SO much worse!)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weston Flippo presents "Rei"

Weston Flippo, who is the singer for the raucous Japanese Women, has created a most excellent mixtape, "Rei" which plays out like an intensely emotional soundtrack ... it's full of twists, turns and unexpected surprises ...

" I made this for a friend but never got around to mailing to him. The mix is based on my desire for it to be fall and winter in alabama, how the death of fictional characters affect the mind of non fictional people and my interest in the character of Rei from neon genesis evangelion.

I havent watched Neon Genesis in quite a while but I remember it as being rather melancholy in nature and not having the most uplifting of stories. Rei, to me, was always a standout character. I am not sure as to why. "

Thank you, Weston!

As always

*** ENJOY ***

You can download the mix and track list RIGHT HERE.

a bit of


In case you need something to help you smile, Aaron Hamilton posted THIS, which showcases the happiest facts of all time! Cheers, Aaron!


Wow. On the opposite end of the spectrum, below is a very powerful documentary by Werner Herzog about texting and driving



And to mix moods together, if you are both a Smiths and a Peanuts fan,  HERE is "This Charming Charlie " which you will appreciate immensely!

a sheer TON of

Yes! I indeed have very talented friends!
Dustin Timbrook directed the very awesome new Drew Price's Bermuda Triangle video!
Here here!

and Prefix premiered it ... Take a look!

Here's an incredible new Youth Lagoon video, full of fantastical creatures

A wonderfully cute video from Camera Obscura

This  No Age video finds them heading in a very different direction, sonically and visually

Yes! Here's a great Julie Ruin interview and performance

"This Must Be The Only Fantasy" ... Behold, 
a new Rodarte film
 directed by Todd Cole with a Beach House soundtrack!


Here's a gorgeously minimal new These New Puritans video

Kim Deal brings us a figurine overload

Superchunk bring us favorite albums and irony

And this bleak one from Spiritualized  has an incredible twist end ... Wait for it!

Haha! Ryan's dad sent me this! Get ready for Your Best Morning Ever! Thanks, Charlie!

My nephew Jesse posted this next one ... The end rules ... haha! Gracias, Jesse!

And this last one is for Elise, who indeed loves "Monty Python" ... Dig this wonderful rarity!