Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How To Listen To Now 2013

*** Happy New Year! *** 

May I present to you my "personal favorite songs of 2013". 

I have been putting together such year-end mixtapes (titled "How To Listen To Now") since 2005 and I've found that listening back to each one is sort of like hearing an "audio time capsule". 

My god, there was so much great music that came out in 2013 that it made the making of this playlist quite a gargantuan task! SO much goodness to choose from! 

This time around I found myself concentrating more on individual songs themselves, whether or not I enjoyed the full album or not (which made the selection process a rather 'different' sort of experience this time around) ... Listening back, it's a fairly dark and psychedelic whirlwind of a mixtape! 

As always, 


You may download the mix RIGHT HERE!