Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Theme Digest 1 : October

"Here at Theme Digest lab, we aim to communicate a mood ...  a feeling ... a concept ...  using no better tool than the gift of sound.

The same concept can be compared visually to photography ... Communicating a feeling through a photograph—a mere flat rectangle with lines, shapes, tones, and (sometimes) colors—is not easy.

But it can be done.

With our 1st offering we find ourselves searching for the sonic heart of October, that mysterious time (and place) ... The air fills with a strange euphoria, the days and nights begin to get darker and colder, and a feeling that anything could happen steals over you."

As always,

*** ENJOY ***

If you'd like to download the 1st Theme Digest mixtape, you can do so HERE.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

30 Minute Mix Z

*** Happy 1st day of Autumn! ***

Sometimes limitation can be a means of focus. I had this in mind when I started making these brief mixtapes. Having such a limited amount of time to fill can sometimes result magically in unexpected themes, unintentional synchronicity, all sorts of things.

So instead of making large, sprawling mixes, I started making a series of these 30 minute mixes, which are basically short but enticing bursts of audible energy.

Here you have it ... the final '30 Minute' mixtape, which pulsates with the tingly charge of autumnal celebration and (since Halloween is around the corner) ends with a rather spooky descent into Hell!

As always,

*** ENJOY ***

If you'd like to download Mix Z, you can HERE.