Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Alabama Bound

Here we have a collection of traditional music from my home, the state of Alabama.

Alabama has long been considered by folksong collectors as a state rich in traditional music. This is particularly a result of the waves of Scots-Irish and African peoples that populated the region during the nineteenth century, whose musical traditions were sustained by the enduring agricultural economy and by their relative cultural stability.

An overwhelming amount of the traditional music I came across happened to be religious. As a result, I found myself painstakingly searching for non-religious, or secular music, although I did include a fair degree of inspirational gospel songs.

As always,

*** ENJOY ***

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Here is a therapeutic sort of mix tape :

With the ever-growing threat of nuclear war planted firmly in the back of my mind lately, I decided to try & cope with it by simply filling  a playlist with as many bomb & explosion themed songs as I could find!

Let's hope it entertainingly relieves a bit of the tension!!!

As always,

*** ENJOY ***