Tuesday, August 29, 2017

focal point : Friends of Dean Martinez

Friends of Dean Martinez is an instrumental rock/post-rock band that combines Americana with electronica, ambient, lounge, psychedelia and dub and intertwines surf rock-inspired lead guitars. 

Their music invokes images of hot desert sands, rolling tumbleweed, hazy mirages and the sweltering dog days of summer. 

Currently, the band includes Bill Elm on steel guitar and organ, Naim Amor on guitar, Tommy Larkins on percussion, Joe Peña on drums and Thøger Tetens Lund on bass.

As always,

*** ENJOY ***

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Incidental Interlude

This mixtape may be perfect for :

A. Being lost in thought
B. Trying to get some work done
C. Zoning out
D. Thinking
E. All of the above

Behold : A playlist full of music that hides between your thoughts ... Music that lurks inside those moments when you can't make up you mind ... when it takes falling into a deep reverie to come up with a solution to any given problem ...

As always,

*** ENJOY ***

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Ecliptic Expressions

In anticipation of the upcoming total solar eclipse (the last time the contiguous U.S. saw a total eclipse was in 1979), I created a "soundtrack" celebrating not just the eclipse phenomenon, but everything solar and sunny. 

I even tried to make the mixtape last the entire anticipated duration of the eclipse, which is approximately 1 hour and 33 minutes!

As always,

*** ENJOY ***