Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Bird Song / Bird Songs

This is for the birds!

Allow me to explain. This year, I have found myself increasingly inspired by the songs and sounds of our fine feathered friends, especially since I received a bird feeder for Christmas, which I've been keeping full, not to mention the fact that our neighbors' roosters and hens visit our yard daily expecting breakfast!

So I decided to find as many bird-themed songs as I could find and throw some nice actual bird ambience in the mix as well ... 

As always,

*** ENJOY ***

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Jimmy Good Trade

"We make good trade!" That's what Jimmy Griffin and I always say as we bump elbows before I exit Renaissance Records, where Jimmy is most happily employed. 

For a few years now, Jimmy (a local treasure of a guy) and I have been trading music every time I drop by Renaissance. What I trade him has always been  a 'variation on a theme ' : different episodes of Bob Dylan's excellent "Theme Time Radio Hour" show. What Jimmy's traded me has been a growing collection of eclectic gems ... and the best part is that I never know what kind of gem I'm gonna get! Sometimes it may be a rare Jazz concert, sometimes a collection of Haitian field recordings, sometimes a compilation of early Reggae!

This playlist is a Jimmy Good Trade sampler of sorts. It's an exciting listen, too because you literally have no idea what may playing next! It'll take you around the world and at times, even far away from the world and into higher planes!

Here's to you, Jimmy ...

We really do make good trade!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Underground Annual : 1980

Disco was dead, and the music industry floundered in 1980 looking for something to fill the void. The original rock'n'roll crowd that had been teenagers in the Sixties were all grown up now, and the record companies tried to appeal to them with a safe, homogenized product. Yawn.

However, for those with vision, there was a new sound on the horizon, slowly making headway … New Wave. But the record labels were not believers just yet, and their conservative approach left many innovative New Wave bands languishing for lack of support. 

The most creative and exciting music was coming off the streets and from the underground. This play list attempts to encapsulate the thrill and energy boiling under the surface of 1980.

As always,

*** ENJOY ***