Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Campfire Stories In The Dark Mix

This mixtape will be perfect for:

A. sitting in the complete dark (preferably with headphones)
B. not being able to sleep
C. actually having a campfire, alone or with others
D. pretending yer camping in yer room
E. walking around late at night

so today was "Fat Tuesday", the last day of Mardi Gras,
and where I'm from (Mobile),
we would celebrate the holiday just like they do in New Orleans 
(a little tamer though, i should add) with parades, candy and moon pies...

anyway, driving & walking around downtown Birmingham this afternoon, even though this city doesn't celebrate Mardi Gras, I got all kinds of "dejavu  memories" for one reason or another ... here's 2 of them:

1. I was standing on the street corner and a jogger ran up behind me and passed me, breathing heavily ... when i was 7 or so, I was with my family at a Mardi Gras parade and i had caught the most candy, necklaces and moon pies i had ever caught ... my paper bag was so full that it was bulging ... as i awaited the next parade float, i suddenly heard a heavy breathing approaching from behind me ... within seconds, some kid had run up, snatched my Mardi Gras victory bag out of my hand and was gone, running down the street ...
 it was my first lesson in Shit Happens 101.

2. I had to stop at a green traffic light for a funeral procession to pass by today and i suddenly remembered that my favorite part of the Mardi Gras parade each year was the very last parade float of the holiday, which was called Folly Chasing Death ... on the float was a broken Roman pillar, and a dancing man in a court jester costume "chasing" a man dancing in a skeleton costume around the pillar, over and over as the float slowly moved down the street ... I don't know why, but it always fascinated me to see this float ... in fact, ever since the 1st time I saw it, the entire holiday of Mardi Gras for me revolved around the excitement and thrill of waiting to see Folly as he chased Death ... again.

aside from dejavu and Mardi Gras, HERE is the 2nd installment 
of my thriftstore  mystery tapes.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rainy Power Bill Mix

This mix tape will be perfect for:

A. driving in the rain
B. paying a power bill
C. sawing wood
D. buying take-out food
E. sipping coffee

anyway ... 3 psychic things happened today while i was waiting for my tofu scrambler burrito
at Bottletree ...

1. Brock and i were talking about Christopher Guest movies and suddenly a song from "A Mighty Wind" started playing over the speakers

2. I told Merrilee as she past me on her way to the restroom how I had been at Seth Persons' place the nite before and how he had so much of her art on his walls, then Seth Persons walks
through the door

3. As i was about to pay for my tofu scrambler burrito, i was worried cuz i only had 4 one dollar bills and a quarter in my pocket, but it turned out that the total for the meal was exactly $4.25

speaking of money, whenever I go to the thriftstore, I hunt for those 99 cent bags full of random cassette tapes because I like throwing them into the tape player and just seeing what happens to be on them ... from these, I've started making sound collages called Mystery Tapes ... 

HERE is the 1st of them.