Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Messy Room Mix

This mixtape will be perfect for:
A. cleaning up yer room
B. washing clothes
C. putting away clothes
D. cleaning up yer house
E. messing yer room back up

Well, the "guest mix era" was fun while it lasted, but I must say that I enjoyed myself immensely making this mix, simply because it had been such I long time since I'd actually made one! Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Well, yes...

I also added part four to the crazy Mystery Tapes saga ...

I don't have much to say this week, except that we, the Bad News Bearons, WON the 1st game of the Fall season 15-5 (by the mercy rule, no less!ha ha) ... and in light of that, I completed the latest BNB promo video ... ENJOY!

Aside from that, all I really have been doing lately is painting, painting and more painting ... it's just that time of the year ... farmers farm, me? I paint ... Elise and family were up her because she created some rather amazing for Naked Art's "Electric Oddities" show ... I'll post some photos of them next week ...

the photos I posted below concentrate mainly on the recent death of the once-beautiful and quite enormous tree that once stood directly in front of Peter and I's house ... it makes me sad to look at these, but I guess it's a fitting a tribute ... I don't know if you can see it, but once the tree was finally just a stump, Peter got some soil and planted a rosemary plant inside of it ... Life springs from Death and back again ...

And lastly, here are two great videos for your late summer viewing pleasure ...

1st is a link to a recent in-office Sunset Rubdown performance of their great song "Silver Moons" at Pitchfork ... it's right HERE.

2nd is a wonderful new Dan Deacon video for the song "Paddling Ghost" ... ENJOY!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Steva's Summer 09 MIx

This mixtape was created for you by the wonderful Steva Casey ... I have to say that it is by far the most rockin' one on this blog (next to Brian's) so far ... I found myself jumping up and throwing myself into dance every time i've listened to it ... and in these hot and lethargic "dog days of summer", that's pretty much exactly what we need! thanks, Steva!

and HERE it is ... get ready!


I 've been workin workin workin lately on these paintings for "Ghosts & Hybrids" (flyer is above) and Art Walk ... which is a true challenge in this humid upper 90 degree climate we have down here ... phew! it just wears you out ... Also, the 1st game of the Fall season for the Bearons is TONITE (!!!) so we've been practicing like crazy ...

So it was a much-needed thing to venture down to Littkle River Canyon with Eileen, Steve, Kristen and Sam (3 of which are Bearons!) ... it was just as beautiful and relaxing and fun as the last time, too (photographic evidence lies below) ...

And if you need anything to make you cheer you up, laugh or simply shake yer booty, Andy Stewart turned me on to the video below, which is one of the most amazingly insane and funny videos i have seen yet ... ENJOY!!!

Major Lazer "Pon De Floor" from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Peter's All For The Best Mix

This mixtape was created by my wonderful and talented twin brother, Peter Wilm (you can view some of his incredible drawings below) ... It's a beautiful mix full of glowing emotion and pulsing hearts ... Peter just visited his long-distance girlfriend, Christine ... it's great seeing him so happy and in love lately ...

HERE is his mix for your listening pleasure.


Ah, summer ... not my favorite season ... this is the month that's really a trial for me ... and I have soooo much work to do on the "Ghosts & Hybrids" show and also Art Walk (it's all been said before) ... sigh ... it's just been so HOT here in Alabama ... it'll be great when we're all wearing sweaters and gazing at one another from across a blazing campfire again!!!

oh yeah, a while back Seth Persons conducted a rather ... um ... "personal" two part interview with me and it's on his Birminghomo blog if you wanna spend an eternity reading about just how crazy i am ... haha

and HERE is a video tribute thing for John Hughes, who unbelievably died this past week ... I have so many teenage (and adult) moments in my Life defined or described by John Hughes films ... R.I.P.

on an up note, I'm glad that at least we're now practicing for the Fall softball season! I posted some photos of some Bad News Bearons while we waited for Justin to smooth out the field ... the last photo is a rather shining one of Dani DeLuna (aka DJ Nastique), our brand new (and very bad ass!) team mate!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chris' Knob Schlobbin' Mix

This mixtape was created for you once again by the talented Chris Stewart (of "Michael Jackson's Dead Mix" fame) and this time, I must admit that this mix is probably my favorite of all of the mixes so far on Psychic Tuesday! It flows so well and would be "perfect for any occasion" ... cheesy as that may sound ... it's just real solid and has a little bit of everything in it ... awesome again,Chris! Thanks!

You may partake of the amazingness HERE.


In otherness, I've been busy busy busy working simultaneously on the "Ghosts & Hybrids" show for Boutwell (Sept. 4th) and also Art Walk (Sept. 11) on top of doing commissions here and there ...

This weekend was kinda full, too ... I spent some time down in Montevallo with Walker (his band performed at Eclipse Friday nite and were red hot ... I gotta CD!) and my great friend, John Wendel who was visiting the US (he's been teaching English in Korea for like a billion years now) ... We spent some time walking on the tracks, too which I documented a bit in the photos below ...

Saturday nite it absolutely poured down and I had dinner with my friend Nancy Tran, which was great fun ... she owns an amazing shop called Green Central Station ... you should check it out if yer a Birminghamian or just visiting ...