Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cassette Commotion program 4 : Paul Is Dead

Welcome to the last Tuesday of June, 2012! As always on the last Tuesday of the month, we either sift through a bunch of old records (Thrift Store Vinyl Radio), or explore one or two forgotten tapes (Cassette Commotion) ... This month, if you're an avid Beatles fan, you're in for a strange TREAT!

While browsing through all of my ancient cassettes, I chanced upon one that contained a radio program dedicated to the whole "Paul Is Dead" hoax/mystery ...

The what, you say?!
 Well, here's what I'm referring to:

A rumor that Paul McCartney had been killed in a car crash circulated in London after a January 1967 traffic accident involving his car. The rumor was acknowledged and rebutted in the February issue of The Beatles Book fanzine, but it is not known whether the rumor of 1969 is related to it. In the autumn of 1969, The Beatles, having just released their Abbey Road album, were in the process of disbanding; McCartney's public engagements were few and he was spending time at his Scottish retreat with his new wife Linda in order to contemplate his forthcoming solo career.
On 17 September 1969, an article titled "Is Beatle Paul McCartney Dead?" was published in the student newspaper of Drake University in Iowa. The article described a rumor that had been circulating on campus that Paul was dead. At that point the rumor included numerous clues from recent Beatles albums, including the "turn me on, dead man" message heard when "Revolution 9" from the White Album is played backwards.

So, that is the gist of it ... Pretty bizarre, huh?! I also included some appropriate Beatles songs at the appropriate moments in the radio show ... AND, below the mix you can view an excellent documentary about the whole ordeal ...

Is Paul dead?
YOU be the judge!!!

You can download the mix HERE.

And below is that "Paul Is Dead" documentary I was talking about



Speaking of Beatles, dead or alive, today I completed this cut-out of them commissioned by the best rock venue in the US, Bottletree!
Dig it!


 Here are my friends Scotty, Brian, Ashley & Merrilee as the Fab Four! Come by Bottletree with some friends and get yer photo taken!


Also, End Up Records released this amazing album of covers and videos by End Up artists, and Peter and I's group, Fred & Daily is on it. You can get it for a dollar, or more!

The album is called "Eachother's Songs" and you can check it out

We also made videos for eachother's songs! Check em out below
(They play right after one another like a video album!)



 >>>>>>>VIDEOS ARE NOW<<<<<<<

This 1st one just rules ... A great summery mannequin stop motion one from Baio

From summer sunburns we go to action-packed adventures with Twin Shadow

Summer Camp brings us some good, wholesome kidnapping fun!

Some excellent old school animation, care of Zambri

Wow! A truly great and ridiculous video from King Khan

This one from Simian Mobile Discomakes me wish that stuff like this goes on whilst people aren't around ... haha

And here's a new one from Beirut that gets really beautiful toward the end

>>>Dessert Dessert Dessert!<<<

1st up, my brother Peter sent this hilariously strange Japanese diarrhea video! Gracias, amigo!

Peter also sent me this weird ass Finnish "licorice guy" ... wow. yikes. Thanks, Peter!

Jaime Weaver posted this classic 80's commerical asking "Does anyone else announce aloud to an empty house (and dog) each morning when they leave for work, "Time to make the donuts."?  Just wondering in case my soul mate is actually out there..." haha! Cheers, Jaime!

And finally, Elise posted one of the best and tightest remix videos I've ever seen! It's a Pulp Fiction remix by POGO ... Elise states "If you liked Pulp Fiction - you'll like this remix by Pogo. I had forgotten Travolta's 'after clean-up' shirt said 'Banana Slugs' - lol." ... haha! Merci, E!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Swimsuit Mix

Tomorrow is the 1st day of Summer 2012!  And yet it feels like it's been Summer for at least 2 months! haha ...

Anyway, this may sound crazy to some people, but I have never really been a true fan of Summer. I am more of an Autumn/Spring kind of person. What excites me the most is that crisp Fall feeling in the air and the sight of dead leaves falling with the knowledge that Halloween is right around the corner. I'm also a big fan of Winter being over and seeing green leaves and grass appear as the days slowly getting warmer and warmer.

Summer usually bogs me down (the same way Winter bogs me down ... too many stifling hot days and too many freezing cold days can really wear you out) ...

BUT this year I am making a concerted effort to make the most of the "hot season" ... Ryan & I bought an inflatable "family pool" and we've been eating lots of corn on the cob and watermelon ... Summer food! I must say that I also thoroughly enjoy swimming in rivers, which really is a true Summer pleasure. I also look forward to going to the beach next month and seeing some 4th of July fireworks.

So this mixtape echoes this sentiment of making the most of Summer and everything GOOD and FUN about it. I actually plan on making more like it because hey! The season starts tomorrow ... we still have 3 whole months of it!  haha

So here it is ... Behold!

The mighty Swimsuit Mix!

As always, ENJOY.

You may download the sounds of summer RIGHT HERE.



Speaking of getting excited about summer, Consequence Of Sound compiled a long list of upcoming new music releases! Yay! Check it out right HERE.

Also, Psychic Tuesday mixmaster veteran Chris Stewart's music project, VAWTER has an excellent new EP! Listen to the goodness HERE!


 >>>>>>>VIDEOS ARE NOW<<<<<<<

1stly, Wow! Dig this new Moonface video ... YES!

John Wendel posted this awesomely illuminating BBC documentary on Birmingham's own jazz legend, Sun Ra ... Thanks, John!

Speaking of John, he also posted this rad nugget ... It's Eric Burdon with War on a TV show called Beat Club

Some beautiful, albeit mental stuff care of Fiona Apple 

Some psychedelic newness from Yeasayer 

Enjoyable + amusing = Eternal Summers

A slightly scary and weird, yet pretty video by Sigur Ros

>>>Some dessert to activate those smile muscles<<<

Weston Flippo posted this funny retro gem ... Cheers, Weston!

My brother Peter sent me this next one ... yikes! Danke, mein bruder!

I found 5 blasts from the past ... Does anyone remember Time For Timer from the golden days of Saturday Morning Cartoons? Well, here he is!