Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thrift Store Vinyl Radio program 11 (underground 80's)

It's the end of another month, and you know what that means!?!

A new episode of "Thrift Store Vinyl Radio"!

As you may (or may not) already know, each time I do a radio show, I pick a theme (children's records, jazz, random 45's)and this time we're concentrating on records (of both mine and Ryan's) by some pretty cool obscure 80's bands. I had fun picking out the songs (in alphabetical order, by band!) and recording this particular episode ... What's more is that, for the 1st time, I found videos for each of the songs on the program, which I included after the show!

So with no further ado, may I present to you program 11 of Thrift Store Vinyl Radio ... ENJOY!!!

Did you love it?!
Well, you can download it HERE!

Do you wanna see a video for each of the songs included on the show?
Well here they are! =

1.The Art Of Noise :

2.The Associates :

3.Bow Wow Wow :

4.Bronski Beat :

5.Cabaret Voltaire :

6.Dead Kennedys :

7.The Glove :

8.Love Tractor (haha) :

9.Siouxsie & The Banshees :

10.The Specials :

11. Yello :


In a bit of random news, my good friend John Wendel recently sent these subtle but hilarious comics to my brother, Peter and then Peter sent em to me ... They're called "PBF Comics" and you can check em out RIGHT HERE. Thanks, John & Peter!


Hey, it's time to watch some pretty amazing VIDEOS ........

1st up is one directed by yours truly! It's by the elusive Birmingham street artist and musician, i\0 and it's called "living dogs of bullshit' =

Hey ... This looks like it could be i\0's girlfriend! Haha =

Speaking of Proenza Schouler, Walker sent me this crrrraaazy one called "Snowballs" by Harmony Korine ... cheers Walker! =

You'll enter VHS heaven when you watch this one by Charlie XCX =

Roy Burns recently posted this beautifully animated Fleet Foxes video ... thanks, Roy! =

Chris Stewart sent me this next one ... time to get creative! Gracias, Chris! =

My god ... This new Kate Bush clip is pretty damned bizarre! =

Here's to redundancy! It's Hubble with " Hubble's Hubble" ... haha =

Dessert time is NOW!!!

1st up, Laura Ledbetter sent me this delicious Gumby and Pokey clip ... thanks, Laura! =

And Weston Flippo posted this sort of Warholian video of some 60's Chinese band ... cheers, Weston! =

In case you didn't get enough of Harmony Korine earlier, here's the man doing some grade A "curb dancing" for your pleasure! haha =

And last, but not least, Elise sent me this aaawesooome video full of some 16 - bit dinosaurs ... Danke, E!!! =

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Laura's Warm House Mix

This mixtape was created by a veteran Psychic Tuesday mixmaster, the ever-lovely Laura Ledbetter.

I was a bit surprised by this mix the 1st time I listened to it ... I didn't expect it to be quite so upbeat and downright danceable! To me, November usually feels like a time to be winding down, so it made me curious as what Laura might be thinking when she threw this excellent playlist together ... She replied, simply :

"It's just to help warm up your floors with some dancing when houses gets cold and dark during winter."

Ah ... message received and understood! What a terrific concept! Dancing away the oncoming gloom of winter and warming yourself up in the process! haha ...

Another thing I like and appreciate about this mix is that the majority of it is comprised of music from the last 2 years or so, but as a whole it already sounds like a classic ... The sounds are new, yet exciting and familiar, so (like a comfortable sweater) it's easy to just put it on over and over.

Thanks Laura!

So here it is ... The "Warm House" mix ... Get ready to shake those cold days away!

Wanna download the warmth? Well you can! RIGHT HERE!


Hey! More music to liven up your November! The band Advisory Circle made a pretty splendid "Autumn Cycles" mix for your enjoyment! Check it =


This past Thursday was Peter and I's birthday! It was a pretty brilliant one, full of fair rides and camp fires!

Look! Ryan even baked me a cake! =


I dunno if you know who Billy Childish is, but he's an extremely prolific and inspiring British musician, poet and painter. HERE is a great recent interview him regarding his new painted works.


V*I*D*E*O ^^^^^ T*I*M*E

1st up, here's a lovely animation for Kate Bush's song "Wild Man" from her wonderful new album "5o Words For Snow" =

Wow ... This crazy Mister Heavenly video is full of anarchic merriment =

Milyn Satterfield posted this awesome Sister Rosetta Tharpe from the 60's ... cheers! =

Some laughablely original DJ shadow weirdness =

Speaking of weirdness, Sarah Harrell posted this classic Grace Jones clip ... thanks! =

Woah ... terrorism meets marriage ... What?! Los Campesinos! decided to combine the two =

Weston Flippo sent me me this slowed down Human League song ... Funny how incredibly Chillwave it sounds! Gracias, Weston! =

I recently chanced upon this 80's video (directed by the visual artist Robert Longo) that I hadn't seen in quite a while ... It's the obscure band The Golden Palominos with Michael Stipe doing guest vocals ... Yes! =

Dessert is now upon us

Jess Marie Walker sent me this ridiculous Harmony Korinesque video for my birthday ... haha! Danke, Jess! =

Speaking of my birthday, Jen Healy Bergeron sent me this hilarious one as a present ... thanky! =

And who wouldn't enjoy this cuddly Occult Snuggie?

A spectacular technical screw up! haha =

Ryan made me aware of this odd musical entity ... Everyone, meet Nervous Norvus =



And finally, my old pal, John Evans posted this laugh-out-loud collage of tragic Texas trash ... thanks, John! haha =

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Focal Point : Atlas Sound

For November's focal point I decided to concentrate on Atlas Sound, which is the solo project of the one and only Bradford Cox, the extremely talented and prolific lead singer of the Atlanta, Ga ambient-punk outfit, Deerhunter (one of my favorite bands).

I don't really know where to begin with Bradford Cox ... He's been a source of entertainment and inspiration for me for years now ... When I 1st started listening to Deerhunter, I visited the above link to their blog and discovered that Bradford had been making these amazing mixtapes called "micromixes" which were full of everything that he'd been currently listening to at the time from stuff like Martha and the Vandellas to long, sprawling ambient pieces ...

I'm pretty sure that the micromixes are all still downloadable on that blog ... It was a ton of fun collecting them all (I think around 26 were made all together) ... Listening to those mixes is like climbing inside Cox's head and sort of seeing where his own music comes from ...

On top of that, he would treat anyone visiting the blog to unique self-released singles and EPs by Atlas Sound ... Again, a ton of these were sprinkled across the Deerhunter blog, and it was like an exciting Easter egg hunt finding them and listening to these precious bedroom gems created for anyone who cared enough to search for and discover them.

Listening to some of these songs, one gets the feeling that Bradford Cox was (is) not only absolutely bursting to get all of these songs and ideas out of his head, but he was (is) also truly delighted and excited to be able to share them with anyone who's ready and willing to hear them.

The self-released songs all seemed (and still seem) like very special best-kept secrets. So even after he'd released two official albums of A.S. material (Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel and Logos) it felt nice to still have this shining "private treasure" of not only micromixes, but of those "secret" Atlas Sound recordings ...

Atlas Sound has a wonderful brand new album out called Parallax ... and I included some songs off of it and his previous two records, but in making this particular focal point mix, I decided that what I really wanted to highlight the most were those self-released experiments, the playful uncertain explosions and shimmering unexpected moments of unabashed beauty that I'd found on the Deerhunter blog all those years ago ...

Thank you, Bradford Cox. You never cease to inspire me.

You can download the mix HERE.

And here are two really great recent Atlas Sound interviews for your informative pleasure =

1. Pitchfork interview

2. Rolling Stone interview


Craving more new music mixetapes? Well, look no further!

Oneohtrix Point Never just put out 2 excellent Brooklyn Bomber mixes!

Vol. 1

Vol. 2


chill wavers, Small Black also released their incredible Moon Killer mixtape ... yes!


In some very informative, disturbing environmental news, supposedly the world is to experience an irreversible climate change in 5 years if we don't change our tune ... read all about it HERE. Yikes.



Yes! Tom Waits has a brilliant new album out, "Bad As Me" and here's a new video from it! =

Some hot fresh psychedelic stuffs from Woodsman =

Wow ... Here's a pretty ridiculous one from Citizens! called "True Romance" =

Speaking of ridiculous, Ryan Mcphun recently posted this bit of 80's bizarreness by someone called Urszula ... cheers! =

This week's dessert consists of music videos that just happen to make me laugh out loud ...

John Wendel sent me this bit of pure insanity care of Renaldo and the Loaf ... thanks, John! =

Elise sent me this truly awesome one by The Avalanches ... danke, E! =

And this craaazy last one (by Soft Cell) goes out to Ryan cuz I know he likes this song! haha =