Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Piping Hot {new music} March '13

This mixtape might be excellent for:

A. getting a bit of Spring cleaning done
B. exploring the cave of the unknown
C. wishing away those "Blackberry Winter" days
D. dancing like a maniac behind closed doors!

So here is the newest music from March, 2013!

Back in 2012, I started a series called the "Piping Hot" series where, at the end of each month I collect (from that particular month) all of the hot, fresh, brand new songs that I can find from not only bands and musicians I already know and love, but also bands and musicians I've just discovered.

Alas, Spring has finally arrived and so far has produced many a catchy, poppy offering to behold, as well as some exciting off-the-wall experimental wonders! I've stated this before about mixes, but this one was REALLY fun to put together!!!

As always,
 *** ENJOY ***

And if you loved it, you may download the mixtape HERE.

That pesky track list is hiding right HERE.

now for a bit of


1stly, it is indeed the last Tuesday of the month, so TA DA!!! Below, we have episode THREE of "Psychic Tuesday" (the 'TV show')!!! And it's a craaazy one!
Hope ya like it!

This'll make you smile/laugh! Elise sent a link to some hilarious baby pictures recreated by adults ... It makes me wanna recreate some of my own ... haha! Check em out HERE. Thanky, E!

The wonderful Mimi Alidor sent a link to some extraordinarily beautiful abandoned places and ruins ... Road trip! I wish. Get lost in em now RIGHT HERE. Cheers, Mimi!

I dunno how long this'll last, but right now NPR is streaming one of my most favorite musicians, Julian Lynch's new album "Lines" and it's incredible! Can't stop listening! Try to take it all in RIGHT HERE.

Speaking of favorites, Hurrah! A new Focus Group album is coming out in May! It's called "The Elektrik Karousel" and below is a sampler of it's amazing soundz!

1st up, enjoy some retro video-fun in this self-directed clip by The Men

A strange kidnapping drama starring The Thermals

Colleen Green wants very badly to be a taxi driver

Dope Body perform for us and make some crazy/frightening faces

A new Sigur Ros album? already!!
This video makes me think of the 90's somehow.

It's a triple decker
this week!

It feels mean to laugh at this, but ... HAHA!
Here's a kid all messed up after having his wisdom teeth taken out!

Ryan sent me the trailer for this documentary film called "Lil Bub" ... I'm trying to imagine an entire movie about a runt cat! We'll probably be viewing it soon! Danke, R!

And finally, oddly enough, Johnny Rotten reviewed Katy Perry's "Part Of Me" film and it's a little bit hilarious!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Brian Teasley presents Wonderfully Rotting Vegetables

  Hey ... Tomorrow is the 1st day of SPRING!!!

And what better way to celebrate this fact than to dig in to this outstandingly groovy "psych-garage-rock" mixtape created by the one and only Brian Teasley (of Man Or Astroman? and Bottletree Cafe fame) !!!

Brian's made many a great mixtape for the Psychic Tuesday airwaves in the past, and this is no exception ... It rocks solidly (and oftentimes mind-blowingly!) right from the 1st note to the very last!

And speaking of awesome 1960's psych rock, the Dangerous Minds site recently presented an incredible mega video post, chock-full of exactly the type of stuff that Brian's new mix is made of!

 Check those out


And now, get ready for an amazing and trippy  experience!
Thanks again, Brian!

As always,
 *** ENJOY ***

You may download the mixtape RIGHT HERE!

And the track list is HERE !

now for a bit of


Sad sad news. Musician, Jason Molina of Songs:Ohia and Electric Magnolia Co. passed away this past Saturday. Rest in peace, Jason. You were far too young.

Here's more about the story from Chunklet.


Here's a most enticing Flying Lotus documentary thing. His latest album, "Until The Quiet Comes" is a wonder to behold

Elise posted this video about a new Japanese app called  Face Stealer that let's you "wear" someone else's face! So creepy but so fascinating!!! Thanks, E!

1st up, in case you've never seen it, here is part 1 (of 8) of the beautiful 2003 documentary film "Bodysong" by Simon Pummell with an incredible soundtrack by Jonny Greenwood ... I highly recommend watching all 8 parts!

Dig a bunch of crazy Indian auto stunts in this new one from Django Django

Mental celebrations abound in this one from Father Murphy

Lushes bring you a lot of pretty pretty TV pixels

A car graveyard nightmare brought to you by Wavves

Peter sent me this wonderful (and kind of sad) bit of animated madness called  "Dog Of Man" ... Vielen dank, mein bruder!

And now, a double dose of

Speaking of Peter, he also sent this very educational and quite funny video ... Cheers!!!

And finally, Weston Flippo posted this pure gold catastrophe ... Gospel aerobics, of all things! Gracias, Weston!