Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thrift Store Vinyl Radio program 9 (spoken word)

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It's that time of the month again! What time, you ask? Time for Paul to drag out his sorely neglected under-the-bed thrift store records and see what kind hidden treasures might me lurking within their scratchy grooves!

This month I decided to concentrate on the many "spoken word" albums I have ... and there's quite a stack of these ... records that talk about democracy, records talking about paranormal psychology, poetry records, CB radio records ... you name it!

Some of the pieces needed a bit of "livening up", so occasionally I added some background music ...

Aaaaanywaaay, here it is for your possibly eager ears! ENJOY!!!

If you'd like to download the show, you can do so HERE.


And now for some random, but very entertaining links ...

Ryan sent me links to the work of two awesomelly wonderful artists =

Fernando Vicente Vanitas, whose paintings ingeniously combine retro fashion magazine images with anatomical studies.


Carl Warner, who photographs rather amazing "meal landscapes". Here here!

Thanks, Ryan!!!

Also, Elise (whose birthday was yesterday ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, E!!!) sent me a page containing some photos of (in E's own words) "Amazing painted buildings by a couple in the Ukraine!" ... You can view em RIGHT HERE! ... Cheers, Elise!


VvVvVvVIiIiIiIiIDdDdDdDdDEeEeEeEeEOoOoOoOoO Time is here!!!

1st up is a new one from tUnE-YarDs ... She'll be playing THIS SATURDAY (Oct 1st) at Bottletree!!! Don't miss it! =

Raymond Kimbrough sent this excellent Miles Davis clip to my brother and it rules! Thanks, Raymond! =

I recently found out that the Chickasaw Mudd Puppies have gotten back together and that is some thrilling news! Here's a great video of theirs from way back when! =

Speaking of way back when, here is an obscure yet awesome instrumental 80's band called Dif Juz =

From something old to something new ... Here's a beautiful J.D. Emmanuel video =

Ryan sent me this unofficial video for Panda Bear's "Alsatian Darn" and I think it's far better than the "official video"! Check it =

Ryan sent me two more videos (gracias!) ... 1st, this intensely marvelous one from Avery Tare =

and also this brand new Bjork one (gotta love human muppets!) =

Here's a recent movie-esque Beirut video by Sunset Television =

And also a new one from those hip stoners, Wavves =

Roy Burns sent me (cheers!) this darkly surreal trailer for the"Viennale festival" directed by David Lynch ... It's called "The 3 Rs" =

Something nice and relaxing from Teaadora's upcoming album =

And now, two helpings of poo-centric dessert!!!


Elise sent me some very colorful and happy rainbow poo (merci!) =


And speaking of poo, I was eating the 1st time i saw this scene fom Henry Fool ... my god! haha =


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 Headed Tuesday = Focal Point: Dead Can Dance / Long Sleeves Mix

This week we have not one, but TWO mixes for your listening pleasure! Last week here in Birmingham, we started to experience the 1st exciting hints of Autumn 2011 ... Temperatures dropped and leaves started cascading from the trees ... YES! My favorite season will soon be upon us!!!

As a celebratory measure, I decided to base this month's "focal point" on a group that I have always associated with chilly weather, grey clouds, tombstones and bonfires = Dead Can Dance.

I also made a "Long Sleeves" mix to celebrate all of the incredible new music I've been listening to as we slowly move into the sweet, crisp days of Fall.

But 1st things 1st ... How does one describe Dead Can Dance? They (Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry) appeared out of nowhere in the 1980's, sounding like nothing or no one around them ... It was as if they were musical ghosts haunting the world with their strange and beautiful ancient, yet modern sounds ...

At this point, I'd like to go right to the music ... Mysterious, entrancing and other-worldly, it really just has to be heard ... Words simply do it no justice ... I've included some music video and documentary clips after the mix in case you want to learn more about the band
(the tracklist is included with the download) =

You can download the mix RIGHT HERE.

3 Dead Can Dance videos =




A 2-part Dead Can Dance documentary =

part 1

part 2

And here is the "Long Sleeves" mixtape I made to celebrate the coming of Autumn ... ENJOY!!! =

If you dug it, you may download it HERE.


My old band, Every Alice On Earth got together for a Montevallo reunion in the lovely Orr Park ... It was a whole lot of fun! Witness some photographic evidence below =

(photo by Darren Griffin)

(photo by Audrey McDonald Atkins)


Elise sent me this link recently (Thanks!!!) ... It's both brilliant and creepy ... Check out the amazing "manbabies" HERE if you dare! Yikes! Haha


Wanna watch some rather awesome VIDEOS??????? OK!!!

1st up, a fresh one from Neon Indian (who has a new album, "Era Extrana" out AND is playing here in Bham TONITE at Bottletree!!!) =

Jennifer Harrell posted this wonderfully bizarro short film ... Thanks, Jennifer! =

Dive presents "Sometime" =

Laura Ledbetter sent me this strangely great Bjork remix by Omar Souleyman ... Check it! =

A bit of ambient, abstract goodness provided by The Caretaker =

Now for some smile/laugh inducing dessert ........

Here's what happens when you mix Disney with psycho-drama horror ... aaahh!!! =

Ryan sent me this next silly yet wonderful video =

Elise sent me this ridiculous workout clip (cheers!) ... Get ready to sweat! =

Ryan also sent me the 1st (and only) taxidermy commercial I've ever seen in my life ... Will it get this guy a ton of new customers? "NOPE!" haha =


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Timespider Mix by Colin Blanton

This mixtape was created for you by the phenomenally talented musician, Colin Blanton, aka Obsolete Ganster / Awkward Silence / Ant'lrd ... and I cannot describe to you just how refreshingly brilliant this mix is ... I absolutely love being introduced to new bands and sounds (one of the biggest thrills associated with the making of and receiving mixtapes) and I have to say that this is one of the best ones to ever hit the Psychic Tuesday airwaves! For real!

Here is Colin himself (btw, he just moved from Birmingham to Chicago) to tell you a bit more :

"This mix is comprised of everything that I've been listening to and exploring over the past year or so. A lot of these artists have been extremely inspiring and influential to me, and I really want to share this stuff with other folks. Enjoy!"

1. The sound of a handshake-Clouddead
2. Verfremdungseffekt-Dymaxion
3.Sea Bed Meditation- Jurgen Muller
4. Yukoma-Saroos
5. In the light of time-Flying Saucer Attack
6. Alien Observer- Grouper
7. _Vid_R-Jar Moff
8. Hands on the Rail- Implodes
9. Stained Glass Body- Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
10. Track 7- Odd Nosdam
11. I Can't Stand- Zola Jesus
12. Pure Ecstacy- Speculator
13. Yesterday- Ras G
14. In the Absence of Gravity Please Note the Position of the Sun- Koen Holtkamp

and here it be, in all it's shining glory, the incredible TIMESPIDER mix!!!

(You can download the mix HERE.)

I asked Colin to gather up some videos he's been into lately, so here he is again to tell you about the ones he picked out ... Take it away, dude! =

-This is one of the best live hip hop performances that I've ever seen. I wish i was aware of them when they were still around, but at least I can look at the videos. Clouddead to me is a group that is often overlooked and not really acknowledged in the hip hop world, but their records have had a huge impact on my musical development, and I'm eternally grateful that this music exists.

-Grouper is an odd bird, but her music is soooooooo beautiful. It's perfect for overcast days, and wintertime. The thing I love about her music is that it's not really happy but it's not melancholy either, It's pretty open to interpretation depending on how you're feeling. Laugh and cry your eyes in the course of one song.

-Delofi is a cleveland based producer who i just found out about a few months ago, and I instantly fell in love. This video fits his musical aesthetic perfectly. If you like this he has a free tape that you can download on the Leaving Records Website .

Shameless plug. This is my new video that my good friend, Andy Stewart, made. If you like what you hear/see I'm trying to get this stuff pressed to vinyl RIGHT HERE.


Yes! All of the hard work I did for this past weekend's Art Walk paid off!
It went really well and I had a ton of fun!

Here are a few photos from the festival =

Reunited! Peter and I with our good friend Chris Wilkinson ...
We hadn't seen Chris since 6th grade!!! =



1st up, I really love this one from Raleigh Moncrief =

A shoegaze classic from Slowdive =

This new one from Black Lips is chock full of blood, sweat and spew, which is quite a combo! =

Coral Morphologic created this subtly surreal video piece... the accompanying "sound design" is by Animal Collective's Geologist =

Wow! A crrraaazzy new Battles video ... and Gary Numan is in it!!! =

Tom Bonner posted this nutty little ditty he made called "robot by a river" ... Thanks, Tom! =

Something rather disturbing brought to you by Ford & Lopatin =

A "new" one from Ariel Pink ... somehow, it's a tribute to 9/11 =

Yes! New Julian Lynch goodness is out soon! This time it's the soundtrack he did to an animated film by Amy Ruhl called "How Mata Hari Lost Her Head and Found Her Body" ... here's the trailer =

Eric McGinty introduced me (cheers!) to the work of this video artist known as readymade777 ... her channel is RIGHT HERE and here is an example of her work =

I love that this next (and great) one is by local (Birmingham) film makers (Jason LaRay Keener & J. Ledbetter) ... wow ... Check out more of their movies HERE. =

Speaking of local directors ... incredibly, this new movie by 23-year-old Birmingham director not only has a few celebrities in it, it's been screened at the Patton Creek Rave Theatre! Be sure and watch the end of this video to see how you can help Kenton get "Missing Pieces" screened all over the place =


Ryan sent me a hot fresh (and CRAZY) video by artist, Ryan Trecatin ... my god! hahaha =

And finally, Pascal Balthrop sent me this grrrrreat animated piece by Gotye ... love it! Thanks, P! =