Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Josh's Polyatom Part 1: Babyscape Mix

This mixtape was created by my extraordinary friend, the ever-talented Josh Cooley, who put a world of time and energy into every nuance of it's conception ... I find it truly an adventure of a listening experience ... thank you, Josh!

the adventure starts HERE.

and here's something else for you to enjoy:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In The Now Mix

This mixtape will be perfect for:

A. watching lightning flashes at night
B. starting anything new & exciting
C. rainy drives in a happy/sad daze
D. wondering where & who you are
E. simply being "in the now"

It was created specifically to celebrate Peter's happiness with Christine and my new happiness with Josh ... don't wanna jinx it by talking too much about it, so HERE it is!


Hey!!! Autumn is FINALLY here!!! I can hardly believe that my favorite season has arrived! And it's been rainier than rainy lately ... days and days of rain ... which made our "Steel City Showdown" game with the Krewe of Doom softball team (who travelled from Lafayette to play us) a rather red muddy experience ... evidence of the mud can be found in the photos below ...

Speaking of softball and Bearons, our last two wins were 23-16 and 23-2 !!! perhaps 23 is our lucky number???


And now ... another video round-up! This time I have a theme: 1987!!! This particular round-up started when I suddenly remembered the video for "Christine" by House Of Love (which is on the mix) and it made me also recall a ton of videos that not only made lasting impressions on me, but also planted in me a desire to create films and music video of my own ... looking at these collectively, it's interesting to see how they all have sort of a similar style (in many cases either a blurry 8 millimeter "home movie" quality or a rapid flickering "collage" style) ... ENJOY! :


Also, these are 2 memorable short films I saw around the same time ...

HERE is an amazing animated version of Charlie Parker's song "Koko"


below is an equally awesome animated film called "Face Like A Frog"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Urbandy's End Of Summer Mashup

This mixtape/mashup was created by musician/artist/mashup master Andy Stewart, otherwise known as the one & only Urbandy ... it's quite an intense end-of-summer-rollercoaster-ride experience, so get ready! I really dig the cover he made for it, too (note: above photo)
Thanks, Andy!

HERE it be for thee


So Art Walk is all said and done and to be quite frank, I'm truly relieved and glad it's behind me! I did okay at it, but the threat of rain, etc. combined with the fact that I had just hung the "Ghosts & Hybrids" show the weekend before just wore (and stressed) me out a wee bit ... phew ...

The good part was that I got to catch up with Jess Marie, who was also showing in the same space (at Jason Wallis' photography studio) and I got to hang out with Walker ...

Also, I finally was able to spend some quality time with Josh and really get to know him ... sigh ... words can't describe how happy I am in regards to that


In softball news, the Bearons got rained out of our double-header last week, so we'll have to make it up later in October (extended Fall season!!!) ... we have a double-header tonite, too and I can only tightly cross my fingers that these don't get rained out as well ... I'm ready to play ball!

Below is basically a big video round-up ... This week I just kept finding videos that either made huge impressions on me, left me in fits of laughter, or just out-right amazed (or some cases even scared) me:

1. Dama sent me this and it could almost serve as a sequel to
"The Whistles Go Whoo!" ... Thanks, Dama!

2. The new video by Grizzly Bear ... both the song and visuals are amazing:

3. The new video by Air ... similar sentiments ...
a lot of this reminds me of "Yellow Submarine":

4. The new Fever Ray video ... this one sort of gives me nightmares, but I still heart it:

5. This is just brilliant ... it really kicks in at 1:06 minutes:

6.This is a commercial that my friends Michael, Mike & Adam (Vacant Manifesto) did for a local restaurant here in town called Rojo ... they were given 2 weeks and no budget ... witness the hilarious results (click HERE to view it without the frame being cut off):

7. I saved the best for last ... Peter's girlfriend Christine sent him this and it's simply wonderful to behold ... thanks, Christine!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lost + Found Mix

This mixtape was made specifically with the opening of my "Ghosts & Hybrids" show in mind, so I don't really know what else it might be perfect for, except maybe literally getting lost (either walking or riding or driving) somewhere, which I did in the Forest Park neighborhood at twilight recently and it was quite rewarding ... hard to explain

It's rather an odd mix ... I'll say that ... but most of it does live up to it's name at least in the fact that, while listening, it sounds like yer either between sleeping and waking or maybe between worlds or something deep like that ... haha ... Peter picked out a good number of the songs, so congratulate him if you end up enjoying it!

it can be FOUND here.


Well, the opening was pretty spectacular ... I must thank Anne Puckett for making it happen ... and Daniel & Van, who put some crazy pretty lights on the paintings in the back (near the patio where the keg and bubbles were!) ... I also had some of my previous mixes from here playing nice and loud there, too ... I ended up selling 5 pieces that nite... so yay!!!

Hopefully Anne will send me some of the photos she snapped that nite ... the batteries in my camera died just after 2 pictures! If so, they'll be posted next week ...

so now I'm working and slaving on Art Walk, which is this coming Friday & Saturday ... I'll be showing on the corner of 2nd ave and 24th street at "2nd Row", about 4 doors down from the Urban Standard cafe and I'll have a TON of paintings!

Oh yeah ... in other news, it was bizarre sitting the last Bearons game out ... talk about feeling like yer between 2 realities! haha ... I just stood at the top of the stands in my jersey and filmed the game (got some great outfield shots!) ... it felt as if I had died and I was filming my living, breathing friends ... AHHHHH!!! I never want to experience a Bearons game like that again ... but they (we) WON! that's 3 wins and we've only had 4 games so far!

aaaanywaaaay, here are 2really swell videos I found recently ... ENJOY:



Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jigsaw Disposition Mix

This mixtape just might be perfect for:
A. freaking out
B. trying to meet any sort of deadline
C. getting excited
D. pulling one's hair out
E. celebrating


Ah September! The start of my 3 favorite months ... the beginning of my favorite part of the year (collectively known to me as Oktember) ... and ah the deadlines! and the panic! and the joy they summon up! You see, I'm the type of person who literally doesn't get anything done until the last minute (or really, in this case, the last couple of weeks) ... so I'm a bit used to it ... I pretty much relish it, embrace it ... accept it.

So the "Ghosts & Hybrids" show is 3 days away ... I think I'm gonna hang it Wednesday ... and I honestly had a wonderful time working on it ... probably because I had fun breaking so many of the rules I'd made up for myself in the past as a painter ... this show made and makes me quite happy ...


The Bearons game will be a little weird for me tonite ... the reason? Well, I have to sit this game out because near the end of the 2nd game during our doubleheader last week, I had a sort of grade school flashback when I swung at a ball, missed it, and realized that a ton of the folks in our crowd (not the opposing team's crowd) had burst into laughter ... for some reason I could not get over it and ended up freaking out, only to eventually disappear from the game without telling anybody on the team ... pretty babyish, huh?

Anyway, it's understandable that the team would have me sit a game out ... so during this game I'll be in the stands concentrating on my filming techniques and trying to get some quality outfield zoom shots for the next BNB video ... haha


Speaking of videos, here are some pretty great ones:

The 1st one's rather indescribable ... Charlie Smith sent it to me (thanks, Charlie!) and, well ... you just have to see it!

The 2nd one is a brilliant performance by Camera Obscura on Pitchfork's "Cemetery Gates" show ... I never got to see them here in town this past summer because they had to cancel the show due to some sort of family tragedy ... So this fills in the void a bit I guess: