Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thrift Store Vinyl Radio program 5 (organs)

THIS IS IT!!! The last Tuesday of May 2011 ... Which can only mean 2 things ... haha :

1. It's time to do another episode of "Thrift Store Vinyl Radio"!

2. It's time to MOVE ON! Tomorow I will officially be living alone across town after 6 1/2 years of living here in the "Highland" area of B'ham with my brother, Peter ... The times they are a'changin' ...

Aaaaaanywaaaaay, so in relation to no. 1, this time we'll be exploring the mystically kitschy ORGANS section of my much-neglected thrift store vinyl ... Zoweee!!!

So, with no further ado, let me now present to you Program 5 of Thrift Store Vinyl Radio ...

ENJOY!!! =

Did ya love it?
You can download it HERE if you're so inclined.


1st up, I felt compelled to "advertise" this mixtape, simply cuz it's soooo gooood ...

Hayley Grimes hates Mondays, so she created a Mondaze mix ... You can check it out in
all of it's shake-yer-ass goodness RIGHT HERE. Here here, Hayley!


On a sad and tragic note, the incomparable poet/musician Gil Scott-Heron passed away at 62 this past Saturday ... Rest In Peace.

Here are 2 of his videos as a tribute to his life and work =




Last week, my family came to visit here in the "magic city" and I was privileged enough to meet my lovely niece, Syndein (from Wisconsin) for the 1st time! =

Jerry, Beth, Syndein, Ramona(my sister), Sarah, Catherine(my mom) and Peter =

Syndein is really fun to be around and just as silly as Peter and I ... haha ... On that note, here's MC Buggy and DJ Fly Eyes =

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So, now I basically have everything moved into my new place in Southside ... Peter is living in the Crestwood part of town ... I now dedicate this Echo & The Bunnymen video to him (it's one of his favorite songs) ... I'll miss living with him, but I'm glad we still live in the same city and can still hang out! I love you, brother! =

Speaking of love, I dedicate this Harry Nilsson video to RYAN ... This past Saturday was our 1 year annivesary! I love you, Sleepyhead! =


{{{{ TIME~~~~~ FOR~~~~~ SOME~~~~~ VIDEOS~~~~~ }}}}

This new one from The Dodos feels more like a disturbing short film =

Behold: trippy disco goodness by Innergaze =

Speaking of trippy ... Panda Bear has this new one and I can't stop listening to his latest album, "Tomboy"! =

Tomutonttu .... brief but beautiful =

Sam Porter recently posted this live nugget by Battles (thanks!) =

I sent this B52s classic to Ryan last week just cuz it makes me laugh =

And if yer curious, here's what inspired the last song =

Speaking of insiration, Caroline McLean sent this to Ryan ... Apparently this is the woman who inspired the "Jerry Blank" character fom "Strangers With Candy" ... wow! =

A rather gory one by Cold Showers =

A few nights ago, Ryan & I were discussing Pulp's Jarvis Cocker upstaging Michael Jackson at the '96 Brits Awards and he started watching the following video ... I'd forgotten just how cool Pulp was / is =

...... Dessert loooooms ahead .......

Elise sent me this nightmarishly funny baby mask video ... cheers! =

And here's another creepily rockin' mask one, this time sent to me by the lovely Hayley Grimes ... muchos gracias! =

John Lytle Wilson posted this next ditty , stating : " This just popped into my mind after 11 years or so.
 Winning kinky and fun ... 
The hat is yours, the hat is yours
 ... Hat baby, hat baby!" haha ... danke! =

And last but not least, on fb Charlie Smith asked if anyone had a good potato salad recipe and I sent her this as a suggestion ... haha ... "radishes & chiiives!" Enjoy! =

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Laura's Subconscious Mind Mix

One of the many beautiful things about mixtapes is the unique way in which everyone approaches the creating of one ... To me, this is one of the more fascinating aspects of the "genre" ... What inspires, motivates and drives different folks to compile songs ... Some want to create a mood ... Some want to convey a particular message ... Others simply wish to share their current songs and tastes with others (someone they just met, perhaps) to give them an idea of who they are ...

This particular mixtape was created by the very sweet and pretty Laura Ledbetter ...You can check out her wonderfully photographic "Bits & Pieces" blog right HERE.

Back in 2009, Laura made the rather excellent Plastic Desert Mix, which I thought was both randomly exciting and enticingly eclectic ... So I was kind of surprised after listening to this new mix to find that Laura doesn't really plan her mixes out ... Stylistically, this one is very solid and every song flows together in a nice effortless and enjoyable way ... Well done!

Here's Laura to tell you about the inspiration for this mix =

======== When I start a new mix I usually don't have a plan but one or two songs will come to mind and I'll work from those; eventually a pattern emerges, pulling some sounds from the past while highlighting current thoughts/ ideas from the subconscious mind. I think the brain works this way in music, writing, and art to clear out weird energy and help us through personal stuff in a similar way that dreams do for us at night. So when i started this one i found some old songs that Michael made back in the 90's on his 4-track. Many of his songs from his long ago past seem to predict his strange current life. Even now he writes a lot and has hundreds of songs. Now he's overseas with with his career and I haven't talked to him in a while. I've had a lot worries about him lately. So I guess this Subconscious Mind mix comes to me out of concern. There are a lot of bands and influences I should have included (GBV for example) but I kept it at stuff I had close. Some of the songs go way back. Most don't. Some are personal, some are not. Some may like it, some may not! The 4 songs by Michael (Watership Down) were made around 98-99 making them dated, but they seem timeless to me. This makes me certain that art shapes life and life shapes art, so make it swell. ===========

Thanks, Laura!

May I now present to you the "Subconscious Mind Mix" =

1. Orange Juice - "Breakfast Time"
2. L. Michael Ledbetter - "Clean (a history)"
3. The Modern Lovers - "Modern World"
4. Josef K - "It's Kinda Funny"
5. Wire - "The 15th"
6. The Feelies - "Tomorrow Today"
7. Beck - "Paper Tiger"
8. Roxy Music - "Out of the Blue"
9. The 6ths (w/ Gary Numan) - "The Sailor in Love with the Sea"
10. L. Michael Ledbetter - "..."
11. L. Michael Ledbetter - "Bailey's Birds"
12. The Evens - "Eventually"
13. The Verlaines - "The Ballad of Harry Noryb"
14. The Feelies - "When You Know"
15. L. Michael Ledbetter - "C A S I O"

You may download it RIGHT HERE.


The "Rebuild" tornado victim benefit art show at the ACME Building is THIS THURSDAY evening! 5 - 9 PM ... Come out and SUPPORT!


As previously reported on this blog, I am in the midst of moving ... My new place is shaping up nicely, but look at what a "disaster area" my old place has become =


On a completely random note, dig these "year wheel / solar system" thingies =

A. My friend Lucy sent THIS ONE to Elise

B. And HERE IS a neat-o musical one that Elise! sent me

Thanks, Lucy & Elise!!!


And on yet another random note, HERE is a really funny something that Ryan sent me ... hahaha!!!

Thanks, R!



Peter his sent me this 1st one (thanky!) saying : "this song and video are slightly mental...reminds me of certain 80's videos...the Fixx and Talk Talk come to mind." =

And to celebrate "the Rapture" that wasn't to be this past Saturday, here's Blondie =

A veeeery interesting one from Chris Stewart (cheers!) =

I wanted to post the new one from Julian Lynch, but it won't allow an embed code ... argh! Sooooo he are 2 great old ones by him! =



May 18th was Ian Curtis of Joy Division's death day and Weston posted this one in honor of the man ... danke =

Some crazy 70's horror stuff from Demdike Stare =

Speaking of the 70's, Nicole Stein posted this wonderful bit from Can ... gracias! =

Hey look! It's Dot, the wold's small stop-animation character! =

Dessert is next ...

Wow ... this short film by Caroline Sallee is beyond words! Thanks for the laughs, Caroline! =

Next up, Elise sent me this funny lil diamond ... cheers! =

And finally ... a peek into the wonderful world of redneck advertising =

{except for the very 1st one, the following photographs were taken by my very awesome brother, Peter Wilm ... thank you again, brother!}