Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Spin Songs

My dear friend Spencer Shoults (aka Spin) sadly passed away recently.

This is a mixtape (consisting of songs and bands he loved) celebrating what a talented and sweetly quiet guy he was.

It's an understatement to say he will be greatly missed.

Here is part I :

Below is part II ...

Whereas in mix 1 I concentrated on songs and bands (that Spin loved) from my own experience, mix 2 is a gargantuan 2 hour affair, consisting of songs and bands suggested by Spin's enormous, glowing circle of friends. I'm especially grateful to the ever-wonderful Jim Fahy for providing a massive Spotify playlist in which to draw from.

Spencer shines on in this music.


Lastly is the 3rd and final mixtape of music dedicated to my friend and band mate, Spencer Shoults, who is sadly no longer with us.

The music on this particular play list surprised me the most. It was culled from a Spotify playlist that the incredible Jim Fahy had created at Spin's request while he was in the hospital. Before viewing it, I had no idea that Spin had a love of Jazz, classical and experimental music! I had known this person for 20 years and all that time he never mentioned this once!

I'm forced to conclude that this music was Spencer's private music. It's music that spoke to his soul and it's possibly the music that he listened to whilst creating his wonderfully enigmatic art.

It was an unexpected pleasure to suddenly discover this side of my friend.

Listening to these sounds keeps his unique presence vibrant and perpetual.

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  1. If we could all be honored and respected in this way. It wasn't a long life, but it sure was a well-lived one. Sadly, I never knew Spin that well, but I feel like I'm getting to know him through these songs. So nice to have something positive to experience during this tough week.